Despite the challenging soft consumer spending environment for restaurant space in the United States, Cheesecake Factory has been heavily focusing on its domestic and international expansions specifically on high grade sites to hopefully meet its expected revenues.

With more than250 carte du jour selections which includes approximately 50 lower calorie dishes and beyond 50 signature desserts and cheesecakes, CAKE has been keeping up with its consumer preference for healthy food by introducing changes to its menu. One of the most recent additions was the 2015 Super Foods.

In recent reports, the company erected a restaurant branch in Minnetonka, Minnesota.


Cheesecake Factory in San Francisco, California

Cheesecake Factory presently runs 209 full-service and casual dining restaurants. Aside from these domestic expansions, the company lately has been focusing into global marketplaces as a strategy to keep up with other brands such as Yum! Brands and McDonalds. The restaurant currently plans to erect eight more restaurants and four international restaurants which are currently under licensing agreements for 2017.

However, the U.S. restaurant space has not been overly attractive for stockholders. In economic reports, same-store sales growth has been gloomy in a challenging sales setting. Furthermore, Traffic for such has also weakened. In reality, the 2017’s second quarter of was reported to be the sixth consecutive quarter of negative comp sales for the whole restaurant commerce, thus making the whole industry quite challenging.

As for the company’s sales, the figures for Cheesecake Company apparently struggled. Openly, when the company stationed 29 successive quarters of optimistic comps at The Cheesecake Factory restaurants, the company revealed a weakening for the second-quarter of 2017.

Trading Performance


Cheesecake Factory’s performance didn’t have a clear direction in its recent trades. However, it can still rebound despite the apparent decline. So far, it is a 0.07 decline.

While it’s nearing the 70’s region, the indicator of Relative Strength Index has unfortunately declined as it mirrored the performance above.

Lastly, its Coppock Curve was seen surging high on the positive region. At 6.75, a recommended buy would be the advised position for the stock to help it have bulls in its current trades.

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