One of the biggest economy in the world recently showed their great April deliveries figures. The country’s imports managed to increase by a whopping 21.5% on the month of April, and exports were up by a total of 12.9% on the same month.

Both of the exports and imports are above what the market and analysts expected. The market expected a total of 16% increase in their imports, while the expectations for their exports were at the 6.3% increase.


More Data from China  

The country’s export to the United States has hit a massive increase last April. China’s export managed to hit a 9.7% increase on the previous month. On the other hand, the U.S. imports also managed to hit a 20.3% increase on the same month.

Furthermore, the looming trade war with the United States was expected to severely breach the country’s bullish performance last month. Their ongoing tension can still pull this month’s figures as both countries retaliate.

To add, the country’s April trade balance was showing promising results. According to their report, they managed to hit the positive balance of $28.78 billion on the previous month. The trade balance was far better than expected, the forecasts were set at $24.7 billion

Continuing with China’s stellar economic performance, the country’s surplus also managed to tally promising figures. The country’s trade surplus for the whole year, January-April, with the United States is tallied to be at $80.4 billion.

On the other hand, most analysts in the market are citing that the figures were on a seasonal bullish streak. They are also worrying that the strong deliveries have slowly faded away and will likely hit bearish territory in the future.

Tariff War to be Revisited

The ongoing tariff wars between the economic powerhouses continue to linger in the market today. Both of the countries are looking to push billions and billions of dollars on their tariffs in the next succeeding months.

Furthermore, despite the issue being drowned down by larger geopolitical issues and other economic issues, the tariffs are expected to hit the market once again this week. According to the Trump Administration, the trade talks are looking resume this week or the next in Washington after being silent in the past couple of weeks.

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