On Thursday, a Chinese official confirmed that China is doing trades with the isolated North Korea. Amid implicit bands from the United States, the trade data rose above ten (10) percent looking into the January to June period of this year.


Trump’s Denouncement of China-North Korea Trade Relations

U.S. President Donald Trump condemned the trade relationship between the two Asian nations and is now questioning whether Beijing is really doing its part on neutralizing North Korean threat.

However, China is defending its stand as it prudently follows and observes sanctions released by the United Nations on North Korea. The Red Dragon of Asia further says that there is nothing wrong with trading with Pyongyang as it is normal for two countries to have trade relations. Moreover, China is pushing trades with areas not included in the U.N. sanctions.  


China and North Korea are Normal Neighbors

Chinese customs spokesman Huang Songping stated, “As neighbors, China and North Korea maintain a normal business and trade exchanges. He further mentioned that the overall trade figures stretched by 10.5 percent to $2.55 billion

The U.N. sanctions do not include goods intended for ordinary people and those for humanitarian reasons. Nonetheless, China’s imports from the nuclear-armed country slid by 13.2 percent to $880 million. However, North Korean exports increased by 29.1 percent to $1.67 billion.


China Blames U.S. and South Korea

The repeated nuclear and missile tests of North Korea infuriates China, however, the latter also blames South Korea and United States for aggravating the tensions. It says that the two countries fail to execute talks that could possibly restore everything.  They focus more on doing military exercises ignoring China’s proposition, hence, worsening the situation.


For China, the increasing numbers on its trade relations with North Korea does not necessarily mean that the country is failing to follow the resolutions imposed by the United Nations. The country even suspended imports of coal back in February. Imports from North Korea are declining every month beginning March.

“China customs have all along fully, accurately, conscientiously and strictly enforced relevant Security Council resolutions,” Huang declares.


Last Wednesday, July 5, U.S. President Donald Trump expressed that China is not doing enough to pressure North Korea after its intercontinental ballistic missile tests. Then on July 8, Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping met to discuss concerns on North Korea and the Chinese trade relations. Trump even tweeted that they had an “excellent” meeting.


United States and China to Work Together to Stop North Korea

“Something has to be done,” this is the response of U.S. President Donald Trump as he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping days after the North Korean missile test took place.

Both countries pledged to work in unison to stop Kim Jong Un’s nuclear missile projects. Moreover, as China is seen to be as the top trading partner and long-standing ally of North Korea, the Red Dragon of Asia is seen as a vital solution on concerns encompassing the Korean Peninsula.



Strict international sanctions are being imposed between China and North Korea’s trade relations to avoid aiding the latter on its ongoing nuclear weapons program. United States, China and the rest of the world’s top officials must be able to reach a final consensus to answer for the pending issue with the nuclear-armed country.


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