The market leader in IT and networking, Cisco is looking to terminate 1,100 employees after bland quarter report were released yesterday. The company also announced that forecasts for the next quarter are going to be marginally low; the company’s shares came crashing down just after the announcement was made.

The job cuts that were announced will be looking to join the prior 5,500 job cuts Cisco announced last August. According to the company, the job cuts were meant to be a part of the expanded restructuring plan they have for the company. The prior job cuts were tallied to be 7% on the whole company’s workforce.

Pre-tax charges are also going to be handled by the company; there will be hundreds of millions charges that will entail the restructuring and are expected to be settled somewhere around 2018. The 5,500 jobs drew $150 million pretax charges; now all the preparation is gearing towards the company’s vision to transform to a software-focused company.


Cisco’s Quarter Report

Cisco manages to garner a net income of $2.52 billion, or 50 cents per share on sales of $11.94 billion; while after adjusted stock, the company manages to have earnings of 60 cents per share. This is inches higher than most analysts are expecting for the tech company, forecasts from FactSet were at 58 cents per share and sales to be on $11.9 billion. But despite the earnings beat, Cisco stated that the current quarter would be tougher and the revenue is expected to lose 4% to 6% on a year-over-year period.

The networking and IT Company would be looking at $11.9 billion to $12.1 billion revenue in its last quarter for its fiscal year; as opposed to what analysts are expecting, which is around $12.5 billion flat. They also stated that they are anticipating their earnings to be at 60 cents to 62 cents a share in its fourth quarter.


Cisco’s Stock’s falls on Negative Expectations

Cisco’s stock dips by 5% just before the market closed yesterday, and eased at a 1.4% decline at $33.83 after immense pressure from the tedious forecasts; while after-market trading led 8.2% decline to $31.05 on Wednesday. The Trump Administration is also putting an immense weight on the company, as macroeconomic issues surface on the technology sector.

Chief Executive Officer Chuck Robbins said “It’s a pretty significant stall right now with the lack of budget visibility,” when asked about the federal government debacle. While the recent statement that Trump made about disclosing classified information to the Russian officers is seen to be the main reason for the frivolous decline on most US stocks.

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