Citigroup Inc. negotiated 20.83 million shares, lowered than the average volume of 20.91 million shares. The stock expected the recent trade at $47.74 with bearish trend of -0.33%, while the company’s total market value stood 138.70B.   

The investment banking corporation gained a 52-week high of $56.46, and a 52-week low of $34.52 stock price. The daily trading ranges between $47.25 for a lower price, and $48.18 for a higher price.  

Analyst Recommendation

Several analysts issued different recommendations, with 19 analysts of which suggested a “Buy” rating and 0 affirmed “Sell” rating, while 7 gave “Hold” rating on the company’s stock.    

The bank’s stock price showed a positive performance of 2.31% last week, shifted up 11.05% in the previous month and dipped about -5.64% last year.       

Further, Citigroup Inc. changed hands at $47.9 in today’s session, suggesting a 1.35% change.

The company estimated an earnings per share (EPS) growth of about 11.93% in fiscal 2017. Meanwhile, the company’s EPS growth in the last 5 years stood at 8.90%.    

Citigroup Resigned as Pay Agent


In other news, the Citigroup unit has ended its contract as a pay agent on bonds that is being issued by Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA.

According to reliable sources, the letter entails that the bank will no longer serve as paying agent for PDVSA’s 2017N bond, which actually bears about 8.5% coupon.  

Subsequently, market players were also informed similar concern about Citibank’s letters relative to bonds maturing in 2016, 2021, 2022, 2024, 2026 and 2035. Meanwhile, PDVSA is scheduled to make about $2.05 billion amortization on the 2017N bond in November, along with a $1 billion maturity payment on its 2016 global bond.    

Citigroup Beats $800M Appeal

A federal appeals court has turned down a one-time Florida billionaire’s bid to recuperate his lawsuit worth $800 million, which filed charges against Citigroup Inc of fraudulent issues to subprime and other toxic mortgages, encouraging him to hold on to shares he would have sold.

However, Manhattan’s 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals clearly stated that Citigroup, along with the former officials and two chief executives Charles Price and Vikram Pandit, were not held liable to trust and corporate entities supervised by Arthur Williams and his wife.

"We respectfully disagree with the court's opinion, and are considering our appeal options," Jacob Zamansky, a lawyer for the Williamses, said in a phone interview.

The chart below illustrates NYSE: C reaction in their previous faced lawsuit against a one-time Florida billionaire, in which the stock price opened at 42.99 and tried to break at support 43.24 on the upside. Meanwhile, stock prices continued an upward trend in three consecutive sessions and the candlesticks consolidated but in a bullish trend, reaching a peak level of 47.89 at resistance 48.16 and support 44.42 on August 30.    



As Citigroup Inc has beaten the lawsuit it faces against a one-time billionaire, stock prices will be highly affected like the one it showed on the previous session, with shares rallying higher.

Therefore, we conclude that stock prices will continue to soar if the next candlestick will touch resistance 48.16.

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