Coca-Cola Brasil has finally launched Café Leão in the South American country just in time for the Rio Olympics, starting today, August 5.

The coffee brand is made with 100% Arabica beans, grown, roasted and packaged in Brazil, and will be sold exclusively so in the nation.


Café Leão will be available in chosen supermarkets in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Curitiba, with plans to expand across the whole country beginning January next year. Brazilian customers will also be able to buy the coffee brand on e-commerce channels starting September.

With a blend of coffee beans from the Savannah region of Minas Gerais state and mountains of Espírito Santo state, production of Café Leão will include a system of small and medium-sized coffee growers from the two regions.

Real Café, a part of the Tristao Group in Espirito Santo, will handle the product’s roasting.

The Leão brand is a famous top-quality tea brand in Brazil for over 115 years, and the portfolio includes many products sold under the Leão Fuze and Matte Leão brands. Coca-Cola acquired Leão in 2007.

The addition of Café Leão will allow the local Coca-Cola to splash in some diversity and innovate its portfolio, which comprises of some 140 products across the water, tea, soft drink, juice blends, energy drink and sports drink categories at present.

Following the announcement of the launch in July, Sandor Hagen, the vice president of new business at the beverage company in Brazil, stated that Coke aims to develop the availability of excellent coffee locally to help expand the business sector and endorse Brazil’s overall coffee category.

“Brazilian coffee is recognized as one of the best in the world,” Hagen claimed, as the said nation is one of the world’s biggest coffee producers. “However, the combinations of typical Arabica beans – our best and most highly-valued type of coffee – hardly ever reach the homes of Brazilians because they are mostly destined to be distributed internationally. We want to bring Brazilians the best of the coffee produced here.”

Coca-Cola has not given any specific hints or plans yet to enter the rapid-growing capsule market, but did not dismiss the idea either for the future.


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