Another cyber-attack was reported today, targeting major businesses from countries such as Russia and Ukraine. The global cyber-attack also manages to extend its reach through European countries and business and on some parts of Asia as well. The massive attack was similar to the notorious ransomware last month which infected hundreds and thousands of computers globally.

The attack took businesses like banks, oil corporations, shipping companies, and even manages their way into some airports. The cyber-attack was similar to WannaCry, but this attack has reached a massive level; it elevated to Asia, Europe, US, and South America. 


‘Petya’ Attack

Dubbed as the Petya attack, the new cyber-attack was seen rampaging through Ukranian banks’ computers, even with Russia’s biggest oil company’s computers. The breaches were recorded to have started late Tuesday; Asia-Pacific region-based businesses also reported some intrusion earlier today. European companies’ operations were halted on the eve of the attacks; India’s largest port container also suffered from the breaches.

Information on the Recent Cyber Attack

Businesses seem to be the direct target of the hackers as governments from their respective countries reported minor or limited. According to some reports, the virus contained a code that is famously known as “Eternal Blue”, the cyber security community believes that the code was stolen from the US National Security Agency.

The code “Eternal Blue” was also seen on the “Wannacry” ransomware last month; according to the CEO of the cybersecurity firm Secure Ideas, Kevin Johnson, "Cyber attacks can simply destroy us," he also mentioned that  "Companies are just not doing what they are supposed to do to fix the problem."


Scope of the Attack

According to the CEO of Infosafe IT in Kiev, "It seems the virus is spreading all over Europe and I'm afraid it can harm the whole world," while Ukrainian’s reported that Ukrtelecom, a local telecommunication company was affected. News also circulated that the local postal services and their central bank were both affected.

Massive intrusion from a nuclear power plant in Chernobyl was also reported, the attacks were directed on their Window-based sensors that are used to monitor radiation levels. According to the company’s agency of control, "Due to the temporary disconnection of the Windows system, the radiation monitoring in the area of the industrial site is carried out manually,"

Here are some companies that were affected; Russia’s Rosneft oil company, Danish shipping company A.P. Moller-Maersk, British adv­­­ertising agency WPP, and French constructional materials company. Some Russian-based news agency was also harmed, firms such as Tass and more reported to have suffered in the cyber attack.

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