Disney Faces Accusations in New Lawsuits

Walt Disney has been recently sued by a parenting and child development specialist for allegedly stealing her idea or concept for their 2015 hit movie, “Inside Out.”

Denise Daniels filed a complaint this Monday in the LA Federal Court claiming that Inside Out in which featured personified and color coded moods that embody human emotions, has been her concept that she kept pitching to Disney since 2005 to 2009. The Moodsters, a children’s program by Daniels, displays noticeable resemblances with the movie especially in character aspects.

The Minnesotan specialist had various  TV guesting at present, counting appearances in shows like "Today" and "Oprah” in where she explained her side and the "implied-in-fact" agreement with Disney demanding that she be compensated from box office, DVD, Blu-Ray, iTunes and goods proceeds from "Inside Out."

The motion picture has garnered beyond $850 million universally when  it was released back in June 2015. Daniels told reports that this "extreme success" will not be possible if her work had not been around. Additionally, Daniels believed that it is Disney’s obligation to pay her for the reason that it is "custom and common in the entertainment industry."

However, a Disney representative explained, that “Inside Out” is an original Pixar creation. "We look forward to vigorously defending against this lawsuit in court," the spokesperson specified.

The Lawyer of Daniels, Ronald Schutz, has refused to remark on the issue as Daniels was unavailable to comment as well.

This lawsuit will just add up to the two recent lawsuits in just three months that are against Disney which all accuse the company for stealing concepts for its successful films.

In this year’s March, Gary Goldman, a Hollywood screenwriter alleged Disney for supposedly imitating its Oscar-winning animated picture "Zootopia" from his labors.

The movie Inside Out is about a girl named Riley, voiced by Kaitlyn Dias, who’s 11 years of age and tries to adjust herself into a new environment of San Francsico after moving out from Minnesota. 

The movie also revolves on how her personified emotions of Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger control her everyday life decisions. These emotions are voiced by Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Bill Hader, Lewis Black and Mindy Kaling.

Director Pete Docter, former Disney Chief Financial Officer Thomas Staggs and other Disney executives had access to Daniels’ proposal, as stated in the complaint. However, up to this point, no entities were entitled as defendants.

As for Goldman’s case, Disney has successfully denied any offenses pinned on them and requested the federal judge to release the complaint.

Disney Sponsorship

In other news, Disney World Resort was recently announced as Orlando Magic’s major jersey sponsor.

The Disney logo will be printed on the front left of Magic players' jerseys starting this season and is measured at around 2 ½ inches-by-2 ½ inches. Magic is the seventh NBA team to report a jersey support from a big company such as Disney.

“With Orlando as our hometown, magic has always been a key strand of our DNA,” Alex Martins, CEO of Orlando Magic told reports. “This expanded agreement with Disney brings our story full circle and represents the coming together of two dynamic organizations that have become synonymous with Orlando.”

 “At Walt Disney World Resort, we naturally believe in all things magic and are happy to support our hometown team,” President of Walt Disney World Resort, George A. Kalogridis stated. “This long-term relationship symbolizes our shared focus of solidifying Orlando as a world-class city for sports.”

In conjunction with the jersey sponsorship, Disney is including an exclusive seats and hospitality zone to the Amway Center. This range may be used as advancement for Disney yearly pass-holders in the course of selected Magic games.

Trading Performance


Disney is currently facing declines in its latest trades. The stock decreased -1.36% to -1.41 and closed at 103.94 which opened at 105.07 with a high of 105.28 and a low of 103.83.

Aside from declines, Disney was also seen juggling below the negative range of Coppock curve and the 50’s range of its RSI Levels. Disney’s RSI levels had moments where it would go down below the 30’s range in the past sessions and would have a hard time recovering or reaching beyond the 50’s range. Currently, it is at 32.70

As for its Coppock curve, Disney has been trading in the negative zone. Its last positive performance was dated one month ago and since then up to the current period, it has been on the negative zone. Currently, it is at the sell region of -4.01.

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