The innovative animation company and one of the global leaders for entertainment are looking to acquire one of the biggest American-based multinational mass media and media corporation 21st Century Fox. Reports have been suggesting that both companies are looking to create and negotiate with a whopping billion dollar deal.

Furthermore, the deal is expected to reshape and give the scene a massive overhaul; the acquisition will also create one of the biggest empires that the industry is yet to see. According to reports, the majority of Fox will be acquired by Disney, while the remaining of Fox will look to create a news-focused company and will work around the remaining assets.

According to most reports, Disney moves to acquire Fox is a direct attack and confrontation to the growing and developing Netflix, which is taking the whole market and the industry to a whole new feat and height.


Deal Details

Looking at the news and reports, Disney is looking to fish Fox with a massive acquisition deal which is tallied to be valued at $52.4 billion. Disney’s acquisition deal will comprise of the company’s cable channels which are FX and the National Geographic; furthermore, Disney will also acquire Fox’s states in Hulu and from the European TV provider SKY.

According to reports, Disney is looking to create more prime entertainment assets to their overly bloated portfolio and an array of assets. These are also a direct hit to Netflix which is the current king of the streaming market.

Moreover, the acquisition will boost Disney’s content which also includes their existing content for their streaming platform. According to reports, the company is also looking to launch two more separate streaming services this coming month; they’ll be looking to push a sports-centric streaming channel and the other one will be solely focused on providing entertainment.


More Details

The addition of the existing shows and content that Fox have will also boost the amount of stable must-watch that their customer can enjoy. Furthermore, Fox’s SKY will also be under Disney’s full control as soon as the transaction is completed, but if the deal won’t proceed, Fox will continue to own a total of 39% of SKY’s stake.

The whole acquisition is expected to be regulated and review by different financial institutions and the companies’ respective advisors and is estimated to take at least a year to be fully close down and negotiated. Disney’s Bob Iger will likely oversee the overall deal before his expected retirement which is somewhere around 2021.

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