The dollar managed to open the week on a positive note after having a volatile previous week. The greenback managed to shrug some of the dips it had last week as stocks are shedding some of their percentages today.

The lackluster performance of the global stocks managed to create a great space for the dollar to bullishly run. The greenback managed to capitalize on the overall stock problematic run, and even taking the Treasury yield surge once again.

Furthermore, the dollar was also posting some stellar performance against some of the major currencies out there. The euro was trading lower, keeping the dollar ahead for the pairing. Meanwhile, the sluggish Asian stocks also managed to push the dollar higher against the yen.

On the other hand, the oil prices are on a rampage on the market as they continue to extend their stellar market performance. The oil prices managed to tally another monumental increase. This might pull the dollar prices just before the session ends, but the dollar is looking to gain a great session despite the incredible commodity performance.


Stocks Performance

Going back to the Asian stocks' performance, Japan’s Nikkei 225 Stock Average managed to saw incremental dips on the market. The stock was down by a total of 0.05%, hitting its lowest from over a week now.

The MSCI Asia Pacific was also trading on the bearish market. The index was down by a total of 0.05% in the session. This is also the lowest performance of the index from over a week or so, and the fifth straight session that tallied declining results.

The European U.K.’s FTSE 100 index was also tallying very shallow returns. The European stock was down by a massive 09% in the market. The dip was after experiencing a massive 14 weeks high from the previous week.

Dollar Performance

The dollar was relatively higher in the market today; the dollar index was tallying a respectable 0.1% increase in the session. The previous performance was the greatest the dollar index had in almost the first four months of the year.

Meanwhile, the euro and the yen were also down in the market as they follow their local stocks’ performance. The euro was down by a total of 0.3% against the dollar to $1.1926, while the yen was also down by a total of 0.2% to 109.29 per dollar.

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