The dollar managed to surge in today’s market ahead of the monthly U.S. jobs reports; analysts are betting on great economic performance, hence bumping on the currency’s prices today. The tax reform program is also looking to boost the dollar’s performance these coming days.

On other news, the famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin has been making a huge wave this week as it pasts several historical points with ease. The digital currency’s latest performance was nothing short of incredible as it creeps closer to the $16,000 mark.

The pound was recently seen trading at a bearish run as outputs from the Brexit progress remains missing and years no actual progress. On the other hand, the sterling grew stronger today as the Brexit deal surfaces.


Dollar Prices

The current dollar prices are looking promising as it hits a two-week high against major currencies; this is great news after slipping and having a bearish run for almost a week’s time now. Global stocks were relevantly high which paved way for the greenback to get up on its feet again; the currency managed to overtake the yen at 113.09.

Most investors are looking to shift their focus today as economic figures from the United States, job date to be exact, are expected to be announced today. Analysts are forecasting that a total of 200,000 new jobs were created last November according to several polls.

The final deadline for the bill was also looking to improve and help give a boost to the greenback the next coming week, even next year. Reports revealed that the U.S. Senate Republicans and the House Representatives regarding the tax legislation will see its end around December 22.


Bitcoin Surges, Closes to $16,000

The digital currency managed to exude its dominance in the market after crushing past the $13,000 figures and is now closing to the $16,000; the astonishing development on Bitcoin’s price proves that it still dominates the market despite the massive number of alternative coins that have been gaining tractions and popularity amongst the community.

The likes of Ethereum and Bitcash were left behind the massive surge that Bitcoin has; usually, the upbeat Bitcoin prices affect the altcoins but this time, investors shift their eyes to the king of digital currency as it surges past most expectations.

Pound Up on Brexit News

The sterling managed to hit a six-month high against the euro as the Britain and the European Union finalizes its deals today about the trade and transition period after the Brexit. Local indices such as the FTSE 100 index were also bullish on the new Brexit deal.

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