Dunkin' Donuts reportedly expands its Amtrak Deal to further include all serviced Northeast Regional trains.

Dunkin’ would be able to cater to nearly 12 million consumers who board either the Northeast Regional or the Acela Express. Additionally, the coffee company would now allow the purchase of Dunkin' Donuts' original blend and decaf hot coffee on the mentioned trains.

Before, the hot coffee was only purchasable on the Acela Express services. With the expansion of the deal, the coffee will now be served all throughout the Northeast Regional services which is currently one nation's busiest rail corridors. Northeast Regional travels to destinations such as New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Richmond and Lynchburg.


Dunkin's signature donut and coffee.

"We're excited to expand our partnership with Amtrak and serve those traveling to more than 50 stops between Richmond, VA and Boston, MA. Whether guests are traveling for business or leisure in the Northeast, they'll have Dunkin' Donuts hot coffee to keep them energized throughout the trip." Dunkin' Donuts senior director stated in a press release about the said expansion.

The Vice President for passenger experience of Amtrak Thomas J. Hall commented on the topic as well, "As two brands who share a commitment to providing a distinctive and premium customer experience, Amtrak and Dunkin' Donuts are a great partnership." He said.

Trading Performance


Dunkin Brands ended its trades last week with a somewhat decent bullish candle.  With a small amount of prevailing bulls, the performance added 0.38% to the general trade or simply just 0.20 points.

Before it had this performance, it was in a bullish trend since the 15th of September. However, it had bears on its trades last Thursday. Dunkin was able to turn things around in the following period.

As for its Relative Strength Index, it indicated an uptrend towards the 50’s region. It was supposed below the 50’s region but has successfully bounced back to the said region. Currently, it is at 53.89.

The Coppock curve of Dunkin’ Brands has not signaled a downtrend in its recent trades. Since last week, the stock was able to make it to the positive region that would indicate a buy for the donut company. At the time being, it is at 3.45.

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