After the new rules set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been released, this could mean potential effects most especially on the sales of all e-cigarette and vape products that will be regulated like that of tobacco.

Although none of these applications could potentially hurt e-cigarette companies as stated in the FDA website, it would only cost them from $100,000 to almost $400,000 which is easily affordable for these big companies but could really hurt most e-cigarette businesses like local shops and retailers which comprise a huge part of the industry.

Despite the issued regulations of requiring companies to have e-cigarettes registered and approved for production by the government before having them marketed, these e-cigarette companies have rushed ahead the before the regulations take full effect.


The U.S FDA recently announced the regulations back in May that allowed the advertising and introduction of e-cigarette devices before the full implementation of the regulations that also bans the selling of these devices to anyone under the age of 18.

These harder constraints which also apply to cigarettes and other tobacco products also prohibit vending machine sales and that these companies or retailers can no longer distribute free samples. An FDA review will also be required before industry companies before the release of potential new products.

Regulations to help dispel dangerous effects of vape and other tobacco products

As the products get more popularity from a younger audience, awareness groups have spoken out that the effects of the e-cigarette are not as less of the actual cigarettes and other tobacco products. A recent study was also published by the Environmental Science and Technology stating that carcinogenic toxins like formaldehyde were already found in the smoke of e-cigarettes. Two more unidentified chemicals were also found in the vapor from the said products that can cause cancer.

Back 2015, it was reported that three million American Teens use e-cigarettes and is said to be the most used tobacco product among the youth as stated by Center for Disease Control and Prevention director Tom Frieden adding that ‘No form of youth tobacco use is safe’.


According to John Yi from the American Lung Association, these new restrictions and regulations will help dismiss the impression that using e-cigarettes or vape has lesser dangerous effects than actual smoking.

He also stated that there will be now warning labels about the health hazards for the e-cigarettes and juices that are used along with the vape product. 

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