The whole cryptocurrency market has been seeing a massive receding trend entering 2018 which gave alternative coins a surging run. Today, Ethereum managed to reclaim its title as the second largest digital currency after Ripple garnered a massive following after major cryptocurrencies dipped.

Most investors took a massive loss on the residual loss on major dips from Bitcoin after reaching the lucrative $20,000; this, in return, dragged most of the top cryptocurrency in the market which includes the second most popular coin in the market which was Ethereum. The massive decline in major digital currencies prompted investors to try their chance with alternative coins, Ripple surged thereafter.

Ripple saw great surges and a positive run as major digital currencies dip, the whole coin enthusiast community and investors alike turned to this altcoins. The Ripple managed to cement a massive gain which gave Ethereum a run for its money and dethroning it as the second most popular digital currency in the world.


Ethereum, Ripple Price

Today, the tides have turned and Ethereum managed to reclaim its rightful place as the second most popular cryptocurrency in the market; Ripple managed to drop some of its holiday gains and shed a massive 25% entering this week leaving its price to $2.50. Furthermore, the Etehreum managed to increase by incremental figures, rallying by 2.5% to $1,155.

Ripple continues to dish out some major loss as it struggles ahead of the rough week for massive criticisms from analysts; the price was heavily weighed down after the news broke out on South Korean’s possible plan to omit its exchanges policies for Ripple.

Ethereum, on the other hand, is looking to continue with its bullish performance in the market as it dominates not just Ripple, but Bitcoin as well. The digital currency is hot off the shelves and is currently sitting above the $1,000 price at $1,217.33 on midday trading which is roughly translated to 8.85% increase on that session.


Bitcoin Price

The biggest and most popular digital currency managed to salvage some losses at in translates some of its previous dips to a massive bullish run; the digital currency’s price was seen trading around the $15,000 mark today after Ripple’s latest debacle surfaces.

Bitcoin was up by a massive 1% after news about the XRP heavily weighed down the digital currency, apprehending its potential to grow. The digital currency was back in the market with a massive $15,168. Although the price volatility continues, prices fluctuate from $15,000 and below as massive bearish trend continues in the market.

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