The euro bounces back after being down on multiple sessions. The currency managed to hit rock bottom when it drops to a 10-month low due to the political debacles in Italy. Traders continue to watch the local political situation in the country.

On the other hand, the dollar is also gaining some traction as traders continue to monitor the private-sector job data results. The figures may show a hint on the top-tier nonfarm payrolls report that is currently due this Friday.

Euro Surges after Dips

The political crisis in Italy continues to pull the euro’s price down rapidly ever since the week started. The euro managed to regain some of the losses from the previous trading, increase by a total of 0.4% against the greenback. The currency managed to close at $1.1593, inches closer to its previous opening a day prior.

The European currency continues to find itself on a volatile territory. The ongoing conflicts in Italy signal an early election this summer. Traders continue to keep their eyes peeled as hasty economic changes may hit the country.

According to local Italian news outlet, the possibility of a snap election eased today. The reports revealed that the populist trio of the 5 Star Movement, the League, and Brothers of Italy announced their intent to create a coalition.

Italy’s government was also reported to sell of some bands. According to reports, the local government is looking to sell a whopping 6 billion euro in 5-10 year debt. The country’s 10-year bonds in the secondary market were down by 3.3%, easing at earlier Wednesday morning to 2.967%.

Despite the sudden surge today, most analysts are still offsetting the positive figures today. "This morning the euro is attempting to stage a correction trending towards 1.16 but with the market sentiment heavily against it, any gains will not likely be sustained," Konstantinos Anthis at ADS Security said.

Looking at other’s currencies in the market, the dollar index saw a swerving trading session as traders focus on the incoming economic data. The index dropped a total of 0.2%, to 94.672 as other major currencies tallied bullish performance.


Currencies and their Market Performance

The pound is also up in the market, rising to $1.3287 from the $1.3253 figure it had on its closing last Tuesday. The GBP managed to bounce back after being down a 10-month low on the previous session. The yen also managed to climb in the market but easing before the market closes. The currency traded flat against the dollar at 108.81.

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