With an advanced technology installed on most of the vehicles today, investors had lost their sight on a minivan for ages now.

Despite a tight competition in the automotive industry, the Chrysler Pacifica was awarded SUV/utility of the year by the U.S. journalist corps that was launched during the second quarter of 2016.         

Chrysler and Google decided to have ties to outfit approximately 100 minivans with the latest version of Google’s autonomous driving hardware and software suite, which has been a successful partnership as the service had its kick start until 2016 ended. Suddenly, the minivan got back on track again.  

The 100 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans started in May 2016, which composes of a purpose-built computer and a suite of sensors installed in the vehicle, including telematics and other systems. The Pacificas are set for Waymo’s test fleet in early 2017.

Generally, minivans are considered as an old hat after SUV vehicles and crossovers begun their era as those car categories have sold large numbers on a validated basis, along with a massive growth rate for the last 20 years.  

To optimize the Pacifica Hybrid for Waymo’s fully autonomous driving, engineering modifications such as electrical, powertrain, chassis and structural systems have been implemented.   

Fiat Chrysler RSI Above 50


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles edged higher 1.9% and settled at $9.67 at the close of trade. The automaker currently has a market cap of 12.47 billion, with an average volume for the stock of about 112.78 million.  

The stock posted a 52-week high of $11.32 on January 12, 2017, while its 52-week low of $5.45 on July 6, 2016. At present, the Return on Asset value for the succeeding twelve months stood at 0%, along with the Return on Equity and Return on Investment.

Meanwhile, the automaker has a year to date (YTD) performance of about 6.03 percent, suggesting a positive sign. The stock’s Short Ratio settled at 5.63.    

Price to Earnings (P/E) ratio of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. reached 8.71, with an earnings per share (EPS) of $1.11 and a TTM operating margin of 0 percent.

The chart below illustrates Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. response to an expected robust growth with its autonomous minivan set for a Waymo’s test fleet early this year.

There is no confirmation trend as of writing, but the stock prices were seen in a consolidating path, after a sharp decline on January 12th, which traded in a heavy trading volume. In addition, the stock price tried to break through resistance 9.292, signaling a rebound.

Although the stock is currently testing resistance 9.292, there is still no confirmation of a bullish tone, but only consolidation. The RSI stood at 56.4448, which is slightly away from the overbought level.



Given a large opportunity for minivans to regain back its strength, investors are expected to include Fiat Chrysler stock on their watch list before and after the Pacificas’ first test fleet with Waymo.

So far, it could signal a consolidation tone if the stock will hold steady below its resistance.

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