Microsoft Corporation confirmed the availability of the well-known video game Minecraft on Facebook’s Oculus Rift headset – a famous virtual reality (VR) device, suggesting the partnership could take the game to a whole new level.  

Developer of Minecraft Mike McGrath said in a blog post: “We'd like to welcome you to the game all over again, because it's a fantastic new experience in VR, even if you're a Minecraft veteran.”

The post also contained details for users to use Windows 10 beta version that is offered for free to fans who have already purchased it for personal computers. Players who own Minecraft’s PC or Mac version is automatically granted access to the Windows 10 beta version; otherwise, it will cost them $10.

Minecraft is a video game with a blocky 3D world, in which players dig for resources, build shelters, and defend themselves by crafting weapons against monsters called “mobs.” However, many players prefer to play in creative mode, which comprises of unlimited resources, and simply no threats.  


A senior editor Nathan Ingraham wrote, "It's one of the best and more immersive VR experiences I've had thus far."

"In fact, that lack of fine detail actually helps Minecraft be so successful -- the game doesn't try to mimic reality. Instead, it felt more like I stepped into a cartoon."

Given the creativity of Facebook’s Oculus Rift version, it is easier for players to make a move in the game as they can use the mouse and keyboards. Hearing this, Microsoft also aims at including Xbox One game controller support.     

Further, players have options if they get too occupied, they can always go back to a virtual living room mode, showing a virtual 2D screen in the game.


With the latest VR version, it takes some time to familiarize its concept, citing new users usually comprehend if they can turn their heads 360 degrees. Meanwhile, Minecraft achieved sales of 100 million units, as 53,000 copies were sold every day on an average basis as of June 2016.  

Microsoft’s Hololens

Though Microsoft’s word-of-mouth is the game’s Oculus Rift version, it has always been promoting its own augmented reality (AR) glasses Hololens on stage. The latest version of the game sets in virtual components in the real world, wherein gamers could see in their daily lives.     

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