In late morning trading on Monday,  Facebook stock is declining 0.50 percent to $110.01 ahead of the company’s  2016 first quarter financial report, expected to when the market close on Wednesday.

The Menlo Park, CA-built social networking company is projected to supply a YoY upsurge in earnings per share (EPS) and revenue.

For the latest quarter, Wall Street is expecting earnings of 62 cents per share on revenue of $5.25 billion, compared with earnings of 42 cents per share on income of $3.54 billion for the 2015 first quarter.

The revenue prediction recommends Facebook’s promotion income upsurge 50 percent to 52 percent YoY, however, dropped 10 percent to 12 percent QoQ.

While there have been a lot of chatter and speculation back and forth in recent weeks about ad trends and how they impacted this Facebook quarter, all the news this week pointed toward positive results, according to sources.


Distinctly, Facebook has a buy rating and a letter grade of A- at TheStreet Ratings for the reason that the companys strong revenue development, generally solid financial position with reasonable debt levels of most dealings, a remarkable record of EPS development, convincing development in net income and increasing profit margins.

Additional News

Theres a growing concern in the tech community that Twitters hard work are understandably, dedicated seriously on fixing the present instead of sufficiently getting ready for the future.

However, similar thing cant be assumed about Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg outlined ,  at its developers conference earlier this month,several of the big plans he has for the future: live video, virtual reality, intelligent chat bots, massive floaty gliders in the air giving internet access. Not all of them will happen ,presently the chat bots, are pretty ridiculous.

The Facebook results day is Wednesday, and the overall consensus among analyst company’s. The kind that state people with money,  whether to buy stock in a company or not ,  Facebook is established to report good, steady development.

Thus far, so predictable. However, what will be motivating is whether Facebook shares us how its virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift, has accomplished so far. 

In January, Palmer Luckey, the creator of Oculus stated that pre-orders were improved than anticipated. However, when you are looking at $1,500 to purchase a headset and a PC acceptable to run it, dont anticipate mainstream success for a long period of time.

The Rift must finally sell 50-100 million units consistently to be considered an achievement, Mark Zuckerberg stated. If the company separates Rift sales from the rest of its income areas, a sign of progress may be seen on Wednesday.

Facebook is nothing, without the marketing money generated through its fundamental social network, in spite of impressive future investments.


On Wednesday,  we can anticipate even greater advertising incomes than in the last quarter. However,  the remaining uncertainty for Facebook lies in current reports that although people are sharing and spreading viral videos and news articles into their news feeds, theyre sharing a lesser amount of personal information than before.