The Federal Trade Commission recently notified the general public of new scams that are being born today; they also included evasive tactics and tips on how you can avoid this possible debacles and problems if you encountered them. Some of these scams include phishing scams and even potential skimmers on your local gas stations.

The growing malevolent entities on the internet and on other technological devices were alarming from the past couple of months, the FTC is looking to inform the consumers on how to stay vigilant and keep themselves far away from these scams.


FTC Won’t Ask For Your Bank Account Number

One of the most recent scams that were surfacing as of current is one on every scammer’s playbook, and it is email phishing. They are bombarding a bunch of consumers, an old scamming way but with a fresh look; according to the FTC’s statement, the emails that are circulating are apparently from the acting Federal Trade Commission chairman Maureen Ohlhausen.

The agency’s director of consumer and business education, Nat Wood mentioned that “The email is a scam to steal your financial information,” and “In 2016, consumers reported more complaints about imposter scams to the FTC than any other fraud.”

The email includes several rules such as distributing money from Western Union branches and then asks your bank account information. Earlier this year, the Western Union and the FTC have agreed to a $586 million settlement charges because of their negligence on tightening their security for such fraudulent behaviors. The Western Union has been the favorite hub for scammers, but reports have been confirmed that a handful of safeguards were already implemented by the company to prevent consumers on such grave events.


Gas Pump Schemes

Summer is amidst us and pumping gas for your planned trips have been dangerous and are now apparently possible scams; the Federal Trade Commission warns the consumers to remain attentive as scammers are also looking to put their hands on gas stations. The warning was reported yesterday; card skimmers are prevalent and are lurking to steal your credit card data and information.

The FTC said that everyone should keep an eye out for voided seals place over gas pumps; they warn not to transact with the voided ones as they are most likely be part of the scam. Some additional tips also include; taking a good look at the card reader, if it looks different and odd then contact the attendant, you can also try moving it and if it wiggles or if it budge then report it to the attendant, and lastly, monitor your credit card spending on the daily so you can spot unwanted activities and report them as soon as possible if that happens.

The growing technology is slowly enveloping its way to our daily lives; keep on being vigilant on things that you and you are not familiar of and report possible fraudulent activities and scams that are looking to get into your system.

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