In the recovery from the weak performance in the US market, the FTSE 100 rose higher by spread advances to open nearby 20 points which is far greater than the previous close of 7,350 in the last session.

With all of that being said, the index has redeemed itself from the falling mining sector of the last session in which today, the said sector actually helped in the rise.

The benchmark in the U.S sector, S&P 500 plunged 8 points to 2,375 and then for the other index of the Dow Jones average weakened 51 points to 20,954.

In the Asian sector, the Hong Kong and Japanese markets separated to go on their own ways.

With a forthcoming close, the Hang Seng gained 113 points at 23,710 but on the other news, Tokyo’s Nikkei plummeted down to 39 points at 19,341.

Direct Line

This week, The UK business plan structures a flow of trading reports from undoubtedly sullen car brokers, opening with Direct Line Insurance Group PLC (LON: DL.).

Fluctuations with the discount rate or Ogden rate was used by the court of law to analyze insurance privilege expenditures, also affected the share prices of car insurers in the hardest way possible, and Direct Line is practically convinced to make allusion to it in its full-year outcomes.

As for Direct Line’s performance, the market anticipates profits in 2016 to result negatively with a drop to £3.07bn from £3.11bn in 2015.

Market analysts have marked in £528.0mln for momentous pre-tax income, against £507.5mln in 2015; the full-year payout is increased to 32.21p, which comprises a formerly declared 10p- a share distinctive dividend, from 13.8p the year afore.

The Ogden discount rate decision has muddied the waters, however.

“Direct Line had a large exposure to Ogden, with an estimated charge of £215 to £230m, c4% of market cap. While the company has increased its reinsurance coverage in recent years, the company has a lot of exposure from when it was 30% of the market with very high reinsurance attachment points,” states Alan Devlin of Barclays.

Direct Line had implied an additional special dividend which might be revealed at the period of the full-year results; Barclays however no longer contemplates on the fact.

Paddy Power Drops

The major force in the midst of the FTSE’s stock was Paddy Power Betfair PLC., which fell more than 5% to £83.45.

The two companies in its first full-year results merged last February, the distended bookmaker announced a loss of £5.7mln.

Nonetheless, it anticipates a full-year group underlying earnings (EBITDA) to be around the midpoint of its shown series of £390mln to £405mln.

FTSE’s Performance


FTSE 100 Index as mentioned above projected a growth in its last trading session. It started trading at its low of 7350 and had high of 7363.12 before settling at 7355.16.   RSI Level is still below 70.00 zones which indicated that it is not yet overbought. Current RSI is at 62.93. Coppock Curve, however,  is close to going down to the negative zone. A buy is required to up the situation as it is still in the positive range of 2.07.

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