Facebook introduced its updated language translation tool to let the users have the liberty to share messages in multiple language.

The social media juggernaut is breaking down language barriers with the newest addition to its Articifial Intelligence software. Facebook now offers the new multilingual composer feature wherein users may post in several languages all at the same time.

Although, it was fairly expected to come, Facebook revealed that the new feature has been in use in the corporate world and now would be the perfect time to let the privilege be given to its 1.5 billion users and still counting.

Technically, the new tool lets the user compose a message in his preferred language and it could be translated instantly just by choosing the desired language from the drop-down menu. The company sees the market relevance of the new tool as it paves way for sharing handy information and ideas worldwide, without considering the language barrier.


Fazil Ayan, the leader of Facebook’s conversion software, confirmed that one of their reasons in creating the said software was their desire to let people communicate in different languages. As of today, the company can automatically translate among 45 languages, setting a heads to head competition with Google Translate which caters around 50 languages with voice input for 15  languages.

Facebook in Japan

Meanwhile, Facebook widened its services in Japan after it introduced its music streaming application wherein the users may post and share music streaming services on their respective timeline. Facebook Japan spokesman Naoto Yokoyama, announced the launch of “Music Stories” on the conference held in Tokyo.

Mr. Yokoyama also revealed the intention of Apple Music to join the line of music streaming providers. Apple Music, AWA, Google Play Music, and Amazon Prime Music are only some of the dominant music streaming service provider in Japan.

“The function was announced in the U.S. in November last year. Music streaming services AWA and D Hits have cooperated with us to make it available in Japan,” Mr. Yokoyama said.

Mr. Tersutaro Ono, director of AWA,  said that the Music Stores will give way for AWA users to listen to their own playlists directly on Facebook. He noted also their 150 thousand playlists shared on social networking services.


Facebook Shares to Double?

Shares of Apple changed hands 0.09 points lower to $114.19 earlier in the previous trading session. The  online social networking provider has a market capitalization of $326.36 billion and a price earnings ratio of 69.96.

Facebook is expected to deliver its next financial report on August 03 and the investors would likely keep their attention of the EPS of the company. Recently, the social media giant acquired a 1000 square meters for its new office in Melbourne, as most of the tech firms wanted to grab a spot along the east coast.

Since Facebook has been offering new platforms with various mobile applications, the stock may double or even triple in the coming years, The messaging era has come to the senses of the tech providers and this could pull massive growth to the company. Facebook has taken WhatsApp and has launched its Messenger App with more features on the way. What else can it put up in the next two years?