The social media giant has recently announced that they are looking to upgrade their safety and security staff in the coming months. Facebook announced that they are looking to grow their current safety and security team to 20,000 by the end of 2018. The decision was heavily affected by the massive pressure from the legislator and consumer recently.

The recent Russian interference from 2016’s presidential election; on a vast outlook, this can also put a great emphasis on the role of online platforms and social media in our current generation. The announcement was also made a day before FB’s quarterly report.

More on FB’s Decision

According to the social media’s vice president and general; counsel Colin stretch, Today, across our safety, security, and product and community operation teams, we have about 10,000 people who are working on safety and security generally,"  and "We're committed to investing more and doubling that number by the end of 2018."

The decision has been accompanied by an executive from Twitter and Google last Tuesday. Just last year, the Facebook’s crew was tallied to be at 17,048 from the previous 12,691. Most recently, the social media company has also pledged to hire at least 3,000 content moderators; these moderators will be in charge in reviewing and taking down videos with violence and have any string of suicide and suicide attempts.


FB’s Quarter Report Predictions

The biggest social media is the whole world is expected to announce their third-quarter performance today and here are some point and figures we could expect; analysts are expecting another quarter of great strength and dominance from Facebook from digital revenues and mobile advertising revenues. To add on the great quarter performance is the growing user base on Facebook which is over 2 billion.

Facebook is also looking to capitalize on Instagram’s steady growth and popularity, the social media’s ad platform has also been bullish and has been steadily performing as a major cash machine. Currently, FB’s stock has been up by 56.4% on a year to date level and has been on a consistent Strong Buy or a rank #1 at Zacks.

Last Tuesday, Facebook managed to hit a new 52-week high as a preparation for its Q3 earnings report. For this quarter, analysts are expecting Facebook’s revenue to surge by 41% and for the full fiscal year, the social media’s revenues are forecasted to increase by 42% and an upward estimate of $40 billion.

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