In a recent statement on Wednesday, Auto-Maker Ford set ups to cut 1,400 jobs in hopes to upturn its weakening profits, as chief executive Mark Fields encounters deep pressure on recovering and enhancing its share price.

Whereas the unemployment rates are lower than early reports had suggested, the strategy is a portion of an "accelerated attack on costs," Ford stated. It is not clear how plentiful it will conserve.

On the previous month, Fields told reports that the business would uphold an "intense focus on cost" to prearrange the company "for a downturn scenario."

Workforce in machinery departments such as electrification and self-driving technology operates will not be touched by the plan. The cuts will be made by intentional means such as premature retirement, the business told reports. 

Additionally, the voluntary retirement will have financial incentives to some 15,000 workers in an offer to reduce 1,400 professions in North America and Asia.

Job losses at Ford can risk on aggravating a conflict with President Donald Trump, who has frequently bragged of aiding in the creation or protection of jobs in the US auto trade. But the planned cuts do not upset Ford, where Trump’s administrative provision is toughest.

Ford, which is the 7% of the global auto market, has added thousands of workers in recent years, responding to strong demand. But more recently it has reversed course.

Ford has cut 3,000 jobs in South America since 2013. Last year, it slashed hundreds of jobs in Europe to reduce costs by $200m annually. It also cut about 2,000 roles in Asia, its annual report said.

Discussion of the downscaling was met with disappointment from US Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, whose region comprises Ford's Dearborn, Michigan head office.

In a report she entitled the firm as “the lifeblood of our community.” “Every job matters and we need to ensure we are doing everything we can to ensure a strong manufacturing base and a healthy thriving auto industry," she added.

 “We remain focused on the three strategic priorities that will create value and drive profitable growth, which include fortifying the profit pillars in our core business, transforming traditionally underperforming areas of our core business and investing aggressively, but prudently, in emerging opportunities,” Ford stated in a note.

Trading Performance


At the present time, Ford is facing an apparent bearish trend. The auto stock posted disappointing results that lead to such move. Its recent candle opened trade at 10.88 and closed at 10.76. It had a high of 10.95 and a low of 10.67.

As for the other indicator such as its RSI Level also faced a downtrend and was last seen at 31.99. A little more, it would be considered oversold. Coppock Curve is at -7.60 - a negative position indicating a sell.

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