Ford has recently reported they massive move to bump the production of their full-size SUVs such as the Expedition and the Lincoln Navigator. The positive figures surrounding both models were reported recently with favorable retail sales jump.

According to reports, the market is looking to favor the bigger and full-sized SUV despite crossovers and mini-SUV flood the market. The customer demand continues to climb and heavily favors both the Expedition and the Lincoln Navigator; this prompted the company to ramp up their production just to stay close to the massive and growing demand.


Ford’s Production Plan

The auto giant is looking to capitalize on the massive SUV demand as they announced their upcoming production plans; according to reports, the company is looking invest a whopping $25 million investment just to speed up their production and assembly line. The company is looking to announce further detail next week.

Furthermore, the company teased the market with a separate announcement which involves their Kentucky Truck Plant. Ford unveiled that they are looking to upgrade their plant to a newer facility and are looking to cost millions of dollar; the investment budget is looking to pile up higher and higher for the auto company with new investments announcements.


Ford SUV Details

Ford has been on the top of the market in terms of retail sales for their full-size SUV; the company managed to tally a whopping 88.6% increase last January for its Navigator. Furthermore, the company is looking approximately add a total of 25% increase for both of their SUV this coming month to stay ahead of the massive demands, while the Expedition saw a 59% increase.

According to the company’s president of global markets, Joe Hinrichs, "It's important for this plant to produce more vehicles," and "In this segment, people will pay for a great product. The dealer feedback has been even stronger than we've hoped for. “Analyst Erich "Both of the vehicles are doing really well for us," and "Because they're turning so fast, we're going to do everything we can to meet the demand that's out there."

The massive demand for SUV is also looking to shrug what most analysts say about Ford’s sluggish production and their similarly slow mobility service and solutions. Meanwhile, the company is still shying away from the self-driving car talks as a close competitor, General Motors, has been announcing their plans on creating a cab-hailing service with self-driving cars integrated.

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