Dearborn, Michigan-based Ford Motor Co. has filed a patent which was recently published unveiled its plans to produce autonomous police vehicles.

The patent shows that the driverless police car would be able to detect violations performed by another vehicle, either on its own or with the help of surveillance cameras and/or roadside sensors.

Once alerted, the self-driving police car could the remotely release citations or pursue the car. In other words, the police car could wirelessly connect to the other car to communicate with the passenger, verify, identify, and issue a citation.

The automaker’s patent filing includes a machine learning algorithm that would be capable of identifying whether or not a particular car violating the law permits a warning as opposed to a citation, and convey that decision to the driver.

The new electric car could be charged dull in just one minute, the report said.

Owners of automated cars are said to be not affected by the police cars as their speed limits are internally set. Ford’s patent was filed in 2016 and has now been published.


China Chief Resigns

Meanwhile, according to the automobile company on Monday, its Chief on China, Jason Luo, has stepped down after five months of leading Ford’s China operations due to personal reasons, a sudden resignation that sparks doubts on how Ford will tackle sales plunge on the world’s biggest car market.

Luo’s role as Ford Chief includes leading its important business, Lincoln, its passenger car joint venture Changan Ford, commercial vehicle investment in Jiangling Motors Corporation, as well as the Dearborn Michigan company’s operation in Taiwan.

“Jason offered his resignation for personal reasons that predate his time at Ford,” Peter Fleet, head of Ford’s Asia Pacific operations, said in a statement.

“Ford accepted Jason’s resignation as the right way for him and the company to proceed. Jason’s decision was not related to the business strategy or performance of Ford China,” Fleet said.

The company said Luo’s replacement will be the “subject of a future announcement.

Foreign automobile companies are vying in a tough competition against local competitors, who are aggressively introducing new models to grab market share. The market is also twisted by greater government support for electric cars,  making Ford and other automakers to look for partners and increase local production.

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