Fossil Group Inc. has recently posted its third-quarter 2017 results, in which had the top and bottom line data experience a substantial decline in a year over year basis. However, it was reported to have beaten the market estimates for the period.

The performance of the watchmaker was reported to be lethargic in the period. More so, the company had its leather and jewelry sectors weaken during the period which impacted the earnings report negatively.

More so, the management cut down its forecast for 2017 in reaction to the weakened grades, thus impacting the investor sentiment after.

Fossil has been running its businnes in a traditional watch market which ultimately added to the struggle to its sales.

Clearly, Fossil Group’s plunged by at least 10.4% throughout in its early trades during its release. Reports indicate that Fossil Group has been sending slow marks at the time being, which can be manifested in its share price account.

Shares of Fossil have plummeted to 74.8% in the preceding year likened with the business’s weakening of 28.5%.

Q3 Earnings

Fossil announced earnings of 4 cent for each share in the recent quarter. This is believed to have beaten the estimates of a 14 cents loss for the period. Also, the bottom line however decreased considerably from the 48 cents data reported in the same period of last year. Such decline could be rooted from the poor sales and margins.

The watchmaker company likewise revealed a decline of 11 cents on a GAAP basis.

Trading Performance


Fossil’s trades have somehow recovered in its recent trades as it ended its session at 7.16 in a continuation of its apparent bullish trend. However, such result is still a decline of -0.56% which is a down of -0.04 points generally.

The Relative Strength Index of the watchmaker indicated a slight downtrend to 42.89. The company had just came back from the oversold region and to enter that region again is fairly possible had it to continue such downtrend.

The Coppock Curve’s indication however displayed an uptrend, showing potential signs of uptrend from the deep depths of the negative region. It had reached the 50’s region of the curve recently and somehow has been able to have a sluggish recovery from it. At, -49.08, a hold on sell would be recommended if to consider the points above.

With such depth though, it may take time to go fully back to the positive region. Meaning that, it may also face volatility towards the coming periods.

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