Scotland’s Rumored Exit

The Pound and the US Dollar pair up has recently shown a redeeming upsurge, ensuing to the rumors that Scotland's first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, will still possibly have to cancel her proposal for Scotland’s position in the EU if it wins the sought  after liberation in a subsequent Scottish referendum.

According to sources, Sturgeon stated that she was considering stepping down from her diplomacies for EU to consequentially retain Scotland, supposing a vote win for independence happens.

Market researchers have also shown that the majority of the people of Scotland wants Europe's supremacies lessened in which have flung to Sturgeon's proposition to hold a vote on keeping Scotland in the EU and force her to deliberate the splitting of the two matters.

Nevertheless, the census displayed 46% of Scots would still rather vote for liberation. However, over 60% were also positive of Scotland being a completely paid-up member of the EU.

Scotland’s Employment and Wages Date

The recent Employment data may perhaps not have underwrote to Sterling's progress on Wednesday daybreak, as even though it displayed a fall in the Unemployment Rate of 4.7% earlier, average wages have fallen to 2.2% from 2.6%, beating the analysts’ expectations of 2.4%.

Notable information from the data was a -11.3k fall – a deeper than expected one in February which was much lower than the economist ‘prediction of -5k.

Recovery in Pound Unlikely to Endure

Analysts told reports that the recovery of the currency pair is something natural in the trading scene as investors aligned on trades to gain profits amidst the constant ambiguity regarding the UK's forthcoming prospects.

"With a Federal Reserve rate hike on the horizon (and the prospect of held rates from the Bank of England on Thursday), calls for a second Scottish independence referendum and a fast approaching Article 50 trigger date, there isn’t a lot going Sterling’s way at the moment. GBP/USD is sitting firmly at 8 week low after plunging 0.8%, while against the euro the pound has shed 0.6%," Analyst Connor Campbell told reports.

GPB/USD’s Trading Performance


The GBP/USD pair displayed a bear candle in its updated chart performance. The current candle has an opening of 0.819 which closed at 0.822. It had a high of 0.823 and a low of 0.816. RSI level has recently declined back to 60 flat after rising from yesterday’s 64.49. Coppock Curve however, is still progressing further in the positive range. It currently is on 4.52, a rise from yesterday’s 4.39, which indicates a buy for the pair.

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