The Pound Sterling against the US Dollar has recently surged to its 10-Month high after US Federal Reserve assumes a more watchful tone on price increases viewpoint. The pair last reached this pair since the September of 2016.

The Central Bank of America affirmed that it is planning to take out Quantitative Easing and monetary provision for the American economy “relatively soon".

Statements from the Federal Reserve would customarily empower the dollar prices but this time, the policy makers had chosen to caution its investors due to inflation outlooks.

"The Dollar tumbled to fresh 13-month lows against a basket of currencies during early trading on Thursday, after July’s Federal Reserve policy statement was presented with a dovish touch.” Analyst Lukman Otunuga told reports.

"With weakness in inflation presenting a risk to the Federal Reserve’s hiking cycle and weighing on the prospects for further interest rate hikes, the Greenback remains vulnerable to steeper losses." Otunuga added.

Problems in terms of the President Donald Trump are economic and tax reforms have been believed to limit growth forecasts. There are likewise fears that low inflation could hinder the US Federal Reserve largely.

"The Dollar sold off heavily following yesterday’s FOMC meeting. While the Fed signaled balance sheet normalization starting 'relatively soon', the key focus was on the Fed’s take on the US inflation," analyst Chris Turner stated in reports.

For the time being, the pound to euro pair up has been trading bearishly as the euro reinforces. Though, it has increased instantaneously and resumed to the €1.12 spot sitting at €1.11 just a week after. Currently, the pound to euro exchange rate is €1.12098.

Trading Performance


At the time of writing, the pair of GBP/USD is still trading strong at 1.31477. The pair is still dominated by bulls and it has not struggled to maintain its bulls in its current trades.

The RSI Level of the pair is also surging upwards and has traded about the 60’s region generally. It is currently at 65.59.

Lastly, it is likely that the Coppock curve indicator of the pair would rather trade higher than fall down the negative zone. It is at 2.15 currently and might go further than that in the coming trades. A buy would be advised. 

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