General Motors Company is offering compensation worth $450 and $900 or an extended warranty to around 135,000 customers of the new model crossover cars for this year after confirming that its model carries window stickers that exaggerate the fuel economy by about one to two miles per gallon.      

The owners of the vehicle Chevrolet Traverse 2016, GMC Acadia or Buick Enclave can choose either a debit card and a 48-month/60,000-mile service protection plan.

The protection plan offer is made for the high-mileage car owners, including those who wants to keep vehicles of GM for an extended period of time. However, for customers that are indebted to leased cars will be given a debit card.

The amount of the debit cards is likely in a range between $450 and $900, which depends on customers of whether they have bought or leased their cars.


It also includes the leasing terms as well as the vehicle type, which will reflect on the amount, while some of the vehicle owners of all-wheel drive units could get up to $1500.

The total program of providing compensation to the owners of the vehicle, who has spent more for the fuel compared to their actual estimate, will cost around $100 million to the car maker, according to a source. However, GM stated that its financial results will not be affected by the program.      

Subsequently, GM has informed the deals about their program on Friday and it is anticipated that the letters will be sent to owners of the vehicles starting from May 25 through Federal Express. Similar packages will also be sent to about 11,000 Canadian customers.  

Meanwhile, the carmaker has supplied corrected stickers to their dealers after decisions to halt sales of nearly 60,000 of the incorrect labels crossovers.


The discrepancy on labels was relative to the new emissions-related hardware in its new model for this year, according to the largest car maker in the US. Amid the testing of the hardware, it was founded by engineers that the actual fuel economy was one or two miles per gallon, suggesting below the fuel economy of their 2015 units but the window stickers for the 2016 models were not changed.  

Furthermore, it was suggested by the Consumer Reports that discrepancies may have happened as well on the previous models of the three crossovers. However, options will only be offered to customers that have bought or leased the 2016 models, the company said.  

GM has informed the US environmental authorities after the overstated fuel-economy labels concerns arise. Hence, the compensation program has begun to kick-off. 

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