Goldman reportedly purchased $2.8 Billion Worth of Venezuelan Bonds which instigated a huge backlash amongst the resident Venezuelans. In addition to the enormous uproar, investors believed that the purchase is a risky choice since Venezuelan bonds are a tough choice to begin with, aside from the fact that Venezuela is facing a lot of political and financial problem as a nation.

According to reports, Goldman Sachs investment bank is said to have bought the bonds at a profoundly discounted amount. Additionally, Goldman Sachs reportedly announced that the bonds was bought from the secondary markets and did not directly deal with the government.

The bonds bought by the New York based bank was from Petróleos de Venezuela, a nationwide oil enterprise from Venezuela which has charmed several of the most cultured investors globally, wagering that the administration will use its declining stock of American dollars to recompense bondholders as an alternative of having food and medicine imports for its publics.

At the time being, Goldman Sachs’ recent purchase of PDVSA bonds valuing at $2.8 billion until 2022, at a 70 percent rebate to the market price, has caused a huge upset.

Venezuelan’s Uproar

As mentioned above, the investment deal has instigated a huge political chaos in Venezuela, where numerous opposition supremacies have picketed the streets in a protest to the dictatorial decree of the country’s notorious president, Nicolás Maduro. At around 60 people faced death in Caracas and other districts in the recent months as a result of the horrific protesters-police clash.

The opposition-driven Parliament also backed on a decision on Tuesday to request its US equivalent to examine the transaction analytically.

"Goldman Sachs' financial lifeline to the regime will serve to strengthen the brutal repression unleashed against the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans peacefully protesting for political change in the country," Head of Venezuela's Congress, Julio Borges told reports. "Given the unconstitutional nature of Nicolas Maduro's administration, its unwillingness to hold democratic elections and its systematic violation of human rights, I am dismayed that Goldman Sachs decided to enter this transaction."

Borges added that he planned to endorse to "any future democratic government of Venezuela not to recognize or pay on these bonds".

Trading Performance


In Goldman Sachs’ trading performance, the investment bank produced a bear candle which opened trade at 221.77 and ended low at 218.42.  It also had a high of 222.43 and a low of 217.96.

As for its RSI level, it also went down from the 50’s region and is now found at exactly 43.03. For its Coppock curve, it did show a slight upturn in the negative region and was last found at -4.48. A sell would be the recommended position for the stock.

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