Goldman Sachs shares posted fresh highs during the course of the session on Tuesday, which broke the pre-financial crisis levels, fueled by hopes that the Trump administration will boost the optimism for a higher rate, lower taxes and lighter regulation.

During the presidential election, all banks significantly rallied as Donald Trump lead the presidency against Hillary Clinton, but only few have done as well as Goldman, which usually finds support among its rivals from vigorous capital markets and gentler rules in the trading industry.   

Meanwhile, analysts considered the 1.3 percent rise on Tuesday that stood at $249.46 to a positive conditions in debt and equity markets, which boosted the first-quarter earnings, and eased the pressure on restrictions of the regulators since the crisis.   

The bank reiterates its recent nominal closing high of $247.92 on October 31, 2007 after market participants have piled into the big banks, which sent Goldman Sachs to shrug off the damage from the fast-fading housing market.  

Further, shares settled in an intraday high of $250 on the same day.

Goldman Sachs Seeks $800 million Mortgage


Monday Properties and partner Goldman Sachs were reportedly seeking for an $800 million mortgage to refinance the expiring debt of the 2.5 million-square-foot package Rosslyn portfolio that includes The Towers buildings at 1000 and 1100 Wilson Blvd.

According to Commercial Mortgage Alert, the portfolio in exclusion of the Monday’s 1812 N. Moore St., is secured with worth $310 million debt in 2007 and is set to expire in June.

It appears that Monday Properties, along with former partner Lehman Brothers borrowed money to acquire the $1.3 billion office portfolio from Broadway Real Estate.

The refinancing attempt came after a wave of CMBS debt was taken out before the recession sets off, which gave property owners difficulties with restructuring their debt and retaining their properties.       

The chart below illustrates the price movement of the Goldman Sachs in the wake of seeking worth $800 million mortgage.

The stock is showing a bullish tone, after shares posted four consecutive gains both in a light and heavy trading volume. Additionally, the RSI stood at 66.4464, which suggest that the stock could still rally further as the overbought level.  



Given that both Monday Properties and its partner Goldman Sachs are seeking for $800 million mortgage, investors’ sentiment could wobble. Moreover, analysts claimed that the stock will remain positive despite heightened concerns on properties and debts.

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