Alphabet Inc’s Google has made an agreement with Indonesia for 2016 after a long-standing dispute over charges of insufficient annual payments to the government.

The latest settlement figure has been estimated using a new method which will finally conclude to charges that the tech firm was avoiding the required tax payments in the country.

The report also corresponds with information that a decision was expected very soon.

Indonesia’s Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said on Tuesday that they already have reached a deal with the group based on prior year but they cannot release the figure yet.

Google has so far not provided any statement.

It is a notable progress seeing that both parties have settled for just one collection year. The government had been going after the search giant for tax avoidance and failure to pay the required amount for the past five years.

Indonesia is doing the same but is coming across complication with tracking the money flow in view of the fact that the revenue of Google’s Indonesian business is managed at its Asia Pacific headquarters located in Singapore.

The search giant was expected to pay about $376 million in taxes for 2015 but only paid $391,000.

Google had mentioned that the estimated size of Indonesia’s digital advertising market was at $300 million for the said year.

If found to have failed with taking care of payments, the five years of back taxes will cost the company a fine of over $400 million for only the year 2015 which could put a slight pressure on Google’s swamp bank account.

Indonesia is keen on increasing tax collection and is planning to make use of the newly loaded capital to reduce its budget shortage and add fund to their current infrastructure program in the country.

Other governments around the world are searching as well so as to crack down on what they consider as business tax avoidance.

Other News

During the Ramadhan, Google Indonesia e-commerce consumer behavior presented data searches on areas associated with the celebration in the country rose up to 28 percent while spending added to 30 percent.

The country’s e-commerce head Henry Prihatna said that fashion product had the biggest sales gaining 180 percent, home appliances with 100 percent high and cellular phones edged up 80 percent.

On the other hand, Google’s shares closed its Monday session losing as much as 0.7 percent to $942.90 on the Nasdaq Composite Index as tech stocks declined nearly 75 percent with Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet falling almost 6.5 percent. 

The three companies make up for approximately 30 percent of the index’s weighting.

However, some experts believed that investors do not have to worry as any decline is likely to be buying opportunity and that the market is overbought from a long-term point of view and estimations are extended.

With regards to money flows, investors may think about merging the variation between rising and falling matter in the stock market or their preferred index with money flows so as to have a useful perspective.

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