In recent announcement, HSBC will be releasing a new and improved brokers’ software application as the bank reveals another partnership with Personal Touch Financial Services as their new intermediary associate.

Also, the new brokers’ application will be supported by Capita in which it will replace the existing networks to provide a singular system to make its drives provide better automation. This will likewise ease the services within the application such as financial transactions, document uploads, navigation of detailed mortgage apps and other more. The app will be named as Omiga and is expected to be released the latter periods of the year.

As stated by the HSBC, there are various advantages that can be beneficial with the new system. Some of these benefits include the eased-up documentation. With the new platform, documents can be directly uploaded in any case that such maybe needed. Also, the loaners’ eligibility will be easily reviewed to assure quality and any immediate decision needed from them will be easily acquired without fully touching the consumers’ credit score.

“Strategy remains to bring on board intermediary partners in a continuous, yet controlled manner in order to preserve intermediary and customer service”. The Head of Mortgages of HSBC, Tracie Pearce, told reports in terms of the partnerships dealt with Personal Touch Financial Services

“Over half of the intermediary mortgage market now has access to our range of mortgage products, which now includes Personal Touch Financial Services.” Pearce added further.

Trading Performance


The chart performance of HSBC has apparently struggled at the time of writing. The stock was seen going down and has lost up to 0.15% from the recent trades.  It is currently at 47.21 which just added up to the bearish trend that is currently having.

Unfortunately for the Relative Strength Index, the indicator traded below the 40’s region already. It was found at 38.92 and the last time it touched this level is way back in April of the current year. It is possible that it may continue performing within this level for quite a time.

Lastly, the Coppock Curve has continued to go down deeply and has entered the negative region unfortunately. This would signal a sell for the stock as it is currently at -5.94. The last time it touched the negative zone was two months ago. No signs of potential uptrends so a sell would be much preferred for the time being.

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