The financial giant is looking to solidify their footing in mainland China as they announced new investment scheme. The plan involves a massive expansion of the country’s southern region. The bank also announced a new AI system that they are going to integrate into their system.

The expansion and investment plans were rolled out this week by the company’s top executive. The sharp investment plans are made by the financial institution’s new duo. Investors are looking forward to what the new leadership can bring to the company.

The financial institution’s first externally appointed chairman, Mark Tucker, laid out his plans on a previous meeting that was held in Hong Kong. He noted that one of his main agenda is to cut the bank’s inflated governance structure.

The new structure that Tucker is aiming for is looking to revolutionize the bank’s procedures and propel their way to the top. The reconstruction remains to be his top priorities and we can expect great changes in the coming months.

HSBC Structural Plans

Mark Tucker is the first chairman appointed externally. He managed the rise to the highest rank last October of 2017. He has been active in renewing and revamping the company with changes such as; trimming the lender’s board to 14 people from the previous 20.

According to Tucker, the cutting of such positions is to be expected in the future. He mentions on their previous meeting in Hong Kong that he looks to trim more committees and process that bank currently has in the future.

Going back to the meeting, the company’s Chief Executive John Flint is looking to multiply their ‘pivot’ to the Asian regions, China to be particular. This plan has been first introduced last 2015, but unfortunate circumstances have pushed the effective implementation away.


HSBC China Revamp

Furthermore, as a part of their massive plan, the financial institution announced that they are opening their doors to a total of 4,000 new employees. The bank is also looking to pour billions of dollars as they ride the country’s infrastructure growth.

HSBC also announced that they are looking to penetrate Pearl River Delta. The location’s growing retail and corporate banking has attracted the financial institution. Furthermore, Pearl River Delta’s infrastructure spending and growing middle class make them one of the most lucrative locations in the country today.

For the full plan, Tucker mentioned that the company’s future plan is going to be made public in the near future. He mentions that they are going to announce them prior to the company’s first-half results which will be in July.

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