Harley Davidson has recently recalled 175,000 US motorcycles and 250,000 worldwide due to an issue that can potentially cause brake failures.

The recall would specifically cover motorcycles brands of CVO Touring and VSRC bikes designed with anti-lock brakes. Models released from 2008-2011 were the only ones affected by the recall as reports state.

“This condition is associated with delayed or neglected brake fluid maintenance as specified in the owner’s manual,” Director of marketing at Oakland Harley-Davidson Carolyn Duranowski, told reports. “Harley-Davidson is offering the remedy fluid flush free of charge to all motorcycles within the recall population, regardless of their maintenance history.”

The Anti-Lock Braking System features standard break elements with built-in modules and sensors. Once triggered, the brake would send out evenly distributed pressures to all of its calipers. However, locking can propel the brake itself from the driver once the rear wheel locks up. Consequently, steering control would be lost if such thing happens. This situation can happen without any prior warning.

More so, Harley Davidson added that once the fluid inside the brakes can get contaminated by moistures. This will disintegrate the actuator valves of the anti-lock brake system which of course could lead to such failure.

“ABS is supposed to be an added tool for safety,” Owner of a 2009 Harley-Davidson Street Glide equipped with ABS Ben Medina, told reports. “I’ve owned bikes with and without ABS, and never would I have thought that my brakes could be compromised.”

According to reports, the recall would cost the company $29.4 million.

Q1 Results


Harley Davidson sustains a large brand community which keeps active through clubs, events, and a museum.

Harley Davidson is set to release its first quarter result for 2018 on the April 24, 2018. While no further details have been released, analysts already reported their forecasts for the motorcycle company.

Market estimates for the company’s sales were set at value of $1.26 billion. This would be a 5.3% if to compare with last year’s records.

Trading Performance


The trading performance of Harley Davidson during the recent trading sessions indicated a flat movement which is expected to continue towards the coming periods. While no clear trend has been displayed, a sell would be much recommended for the motorcycle company as its Coppock curve remained flat during its recent indications below the negative region.

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