Harman Seeks Better Future with Samsung

The international company most popular with its audio presence, Harman, is looking to build a new and a better future with South Korean’s biggest conglomerate, Samsung. Among the recent steps that Samsung took was with the acquisition of the audio specialists Harman; the internationally known audio specialist is expecting higher sales on their new joint venture.

Harman is also expected to team up with several big brands such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft on the long run according to its new owners, Samsung. The whole news broke last Friday after news about Harman CEO Dinesh Paliwal said in an interview that they are looking to make the Harman a $20 billion business in 2025.


Harman’s Internal Goal

Paliwal’s vision of having the company turn to a $25 billion business from its current $7.3 billion will be highly buoyed by a mix of internal growth and coupled with bolt-on deals. On the most recent IFA consumer electronics fair, Paliwal expressed his eagerness to team up with industry leaders such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Even without the actual plans weren’t disclosed, the CEO reassured everyone that the whole acquisition with Samsung is more centered on the artificial intelligence branch with voice recognition, machine learning, and some internet things. The whole acquisition had opened Harman to various more markets and created an opening to trend more markets while stabilizing and straightening their professional and consumer audio products and even its automotive audio and parts branch.


Samsung, Harman So Far

It has been six months now since the international tech conglomerate Samsung bought Harman for $8 billion; it has been the biggest acquisition that the conglomerate made for an oversea deal. According to Harman’s CEO, the overall company strategy has been and will be the same and they continue to operate on great independence outside of Samsung’s care.

Paliwal also said that "What is the long-term strategy? To continue to be agnostic; to provide an excellent product," and "People want choice and they do not want to sacrifice the quality of sound. This is where Harman comes in."                   

As of late, the audio company introduced whole new speakers that are able to communicate with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, the unveiling was made in Berlin made a notable knock in the voice assistant application market. They also provided us with the information that the speakers are able to run voice commands from Microsoft’s Cortana.

For the future of both companies, Harman is looking to be tingling with Samsung’s newest voice assistant software Bixby. Paliwal said that “the world’s best, enabled, smart, intelligent speaker," but mentioned that "but it won’t replace the others,"                      

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