Pfizer remains steady in the stock market as it looks for potential brokers who would purchase its headquarters complex. The American global pharmaceutical corporation recently convinced the FDA to pull black-box warning on Chantix for psychotic side effects which supported the interest of the investors in the stock. Can Pfizer continue to refine its portfolio as promised?

Stock Movement

In the previous session, Pfizer shares settled in 32.86 with a session high of 32.87 and a session low. The close trading range started after the opening bell when it opened in 32.85.

Apparently, the stock traded close to its fourth quarter peak in 33.82 acquired in the first week of November. In a wider perspective, Pfizer was neither bullish nor bearish considering the stand at 32.00 levels. As far as the hourly Pfizer chart was concerned, the stock touched its 20-day SMA of 32.75 and surpassed its 50-day SMA of 32.70.


Currently, the pharmaceutical stock has a 52-week low of $28.25 and a 52-week high of $37.39 with a market capitalization of $199.35 billion. The beta ratio of the company stands at 0.91 while its price earnings ratio is 32.98. After the session on Tuesday, the stock traded 0.06 percent higher with 25, 074, 289 shares total of traded volume.  

The stock might actually repeat the reversal which occurred from October 27 to November 11. During that time, the stock slipped from 32.00 to 29.00, but it eventually moved higher in the meantime, as investors weighed in the victory of Donald Trump. Another stock decline took place after the company officially announced the merger with Allergan as skepticism loomed over the financial flexibility of the partnership.

Pfizer started to turn neutral again after the US FDA accepted and prioritized the review of the supplemental new drug for XALCORI which would be used for the treatment of patients with ROS1-Positive metastatic non-small cell lung cancer.

In the recent earnings report of the company, CEO Ian Read mentioned the strength Pfizer possessed in emerging markets, the sterile injectables business and the biosimilars portfolio. The company had third quarter revenue of $13.0 billion, indicating a 10 percent operational growth. The revenue for Pfizer Stand Alone reached $11.9 billion, with 3 percent operational growth.

The reported diluted earnings per share were at $0.21 and the adjusted EPS was at $0.61. In connection with this, the Pfizer-Allergan deal was expected to be neutral to the company’s adjusted diluted EPS1 in 2017 and to be accretive in the following year.

Pfizer Adjustments

After the initial announcement of the company to sell its headquarters complex two months ago, Pfizer was considering which brokers may own its East 42nd Street properties. According to initial reports, CBRE, Avison Young, Cushman &Wakefield were part of the lists.

Pfizer had decided to move into a new city location as it sought for more modern and technologically equipped areas. The 33-story headquarter was developed in the 1960’s while the adjacent building finished in 1909 and was bought by Pfizer by $9.625 million in 1949.


This transfer was not strange for the pharmaceutical company. In early 2016, the incumbent US president Barack Obama was among the critics when Pfizer planned to buy Allergan, which required the company to move its headquarters to Ireland. The relocation involved some tax issues that the company was allegedly running from.

Elsewhere, Pfizer finally convinced the Food and Drug Administration to omit its black-box warning to its stop-smoking med Chantix. The drug was found free of a higher rate of severe neuropsychiatric effects in contrary to the initial findings.

 The decision of the FDA could boost the medical revenue of the company after spending a significant amount on its advertisements. Chantix, for the record, is considered to be Pfizer’s fastest launch before the allegations. (More News about Pfizer? Click FSM News )

Bottom line

In light of the marketing decisions and effort of the company, it will likely maintain its strong position not only in the stock market but in the pharmaceutical industry. Pfizer expands its capability in delivering shareholder value through its continuous prudent allocation. The midpoint of the range of its 2016 Revenue guidance was raised which signaled for high hopes on its year-ender financial report. As estimated, Pfizer will deliver its next earnings report on February 02, 2017. Currently, the stock has a consensus earnings per share of $0.5. More or less, one of the challenges that the company might face was the new business regulations that Trump’s administration will implement.  

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