Netflix’s stocks were declining amid the pre-market session on Monday after Alibaba Group decided to turn down bidding for Netflix.

The market started to wobble on Friday as anticipations heightened, citing Chinese mobile commerce company is looking for an investment in Netflix.

A spokesperson of Alibaba popped the ballooning rumors and said the company was not in for placing a bid, while an analyst backed the statement that a deal between the two was not likely as there could have been several regulatory issues and media censorship in China.

Further, Netflix had encountered tough regulatory issues in the country amid its earnings report in July, citing difficulties in gaining traction, but the entertainment company still continued to find options to do business.

The company’s strengths can be seen on its rapid revenue growth, along with its escalating profit margins and largely strong financial position with conceivable debt levels backed by several measures.

However, analysts had also seen reasons for Netflix’s shares to disappoint investors after the stocks showed unfavorable performance, dragging return on equity and weak operating cash flow.  

Speculations of Netflix and Alibaba Deal

As shown in the chart below, the NFLX stock tries to break out on the upside with resistance level 94.75 since the news was announced on August 4, followed by a higher stock price the next day as investors are enthusiast with the upcoming supposedly deal. However, the market consolidates as Alibaba declined the rumored agreement.


Netflix’s Stock Higher Amid CW, Comcast and CBS Series Deal

Earlier on June 28, the company announced ties with CW and sent the stock price to rebound, which continued higher in the next succeeding two days, further rallying from 87.21 to 91.72 on June 30, as shown in the chart below.


Followed by the three consecutive session highs since June 28, it also rallied after Comcast decided to call a truce between Netflix, sending stock prices higher by 98.07 from 91.72 on July 5, suggesting its peak level for the week.


During the last month, the company reported to beam CBS Series “Star Trek” worldwide, which sent the stock price higher as Star Trek fans were clamoring about the news. The rally hit with four consecutive days from July 12 to July 15 and completely soared after the company confirmed the deal on July 18, closing at 98.75.



As speculations arise with Netflix’s upcoming deal, we expect that this will have a substantial effect on their stock prices. We, therefore, concluded that share prices are expected to rally in any soon-to-be-announce deal linked to the entertainment giant.

In addition to Netflix’s deal, the CBS Series agreement is expected to give a huge boost to the company’s sales due to strong demands internationally.

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