Hershey Co. and the Trust it controls just announced this Thursday that they would fill up their remaining positions of their corresponding boards, just after a year of a notable acquirement proposition from Mondelez International Inc. and a series of withdrawals.

The Chocolatier giant has reportedly declined a $23 billion partnership last summer from Mondelez-owned cookie industry, Oreo. As for the Hershey Trust, which can also hold a refusal, was enmeshed in a clamor with its supervisor that caused major withdrawals at The Trust and Hershey's board.

As a result, The Hershey Trust has recently acquired James Katzman, a retired Goldman Sachs Group Inc. associate who would be taking one of the slots. Katzman is expected to provide a well-practiced investment banking professionalism, especially at present where investors are wondering over whether Hershey would accommodate a new proposition in the coming periods after Mondelez's proposal.

Also enlisted to the team as Hershey trustees are Melissa Peeples-Fullmore - at the Milton Hershey School graduate and education expert, and Jan Loeffler Bergen - a proficient social worker and chief executive officer of the non-profit health source of Lancaster General Health.

In addition, Hershey also revealed that it will appoint two more members to its board, namely Diane Koken and James Brown, who would as well sit on the Hershey Trust board. Michele Buck would act as the company’s CEO as appointed on the first day of March.

Over a century ago, The Hershey Trust was established by Hershey founder himself, Milton Hershey to supply and manage an institute for disadvantaged youths. After being analyzed by its superintendents together with the Pennsylvania attorney general for weak governance and disproportionate expenditures and reimbursements, it caused an internal obstruction which resulted in the resignation of three board members last year. One of them was the retiring Hershey Trust board members - Robert Cavanaugh while the other was James E. Nevels who also had a position in the Hershey Co. board and were not voted for reappointment this year.

The Hershey Trust said that it will exert its “best effort" to upsurge board size to 13, up from the current number of 9 as a clearance with the attorney general. That result to a total of six possible vacant positions left to be occupied which includes the addition of two board members’ slot that are expected to retire by the end of this year.

The Hershey Trust owns a share of close to a third of Hershey Co., but the establishment has accounted for more than two-thirds of its investment assets. In 2002, the company had put Hershey Co. up for sale mentioning a necessity to expand its investments. The development appealed a $12.5 billion proposal by chewing gum manufacturer Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. But that arrangement was discarded after the Pennsylvania attorney general positively appealed a court to hinder the proposal in the midst of the resentment from the local public.

Technical Analysis


Hershey Co., displayed a bull candle ending its 4th day bearish streak. The candle opened trading at 107.81 and ended at 108.10 with the high 108.72 of and a low of 107.64. Relative Strength index also surged from Wednesday’s 47.85 to 49.03.

However, Coppock Curve plunged down in the negative zone. It is currently at -0.15 which indicates a sell for the chocolate stock.

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