Himax Technologies Inc.’s Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) and Wafer-level Optics (WLO) business, which are designed for its existing AR customer base, are expected to expand over thrice on the back of escalating shipments during its first 3 quarters of fiscal 2016, the company stated.  

Hearing this, the company confidently sees a strong momentum on its product lines, and is widely expecting a huge growth of its larger panel IC revenue in double digits on a sequential basis, settling above the 50% level on Year-over-Year (YoY) basis.

Smartphone driver IC had strong demands, but sales in the region are expected to remain steady on a sequential basis in the third quarter, citing that the company is experiencing difficulties in delivery for mounting rush orders lately from its Korean and Chinese customers.  

However, it is highly anticipated to grow more about 20% on YoY basis.


Further, the company also claims a resolution upgrade for its 2H of the year, which would sent gross margin pressure at ease for its product segment. Meanwhile, one of the best well-performed category on all driver ICs is the automotive, which was used in small and medium sized panels years ago.            

Revenue for the third quarter is expected to rally in double digits on a sequential basis, along with a 30% increase on a YoY basis, while its growth is anticipated to remain steady in the next years.    

Generally, the company is expecting to attain higher points in small and medium sized driver IC segment in the third quarter on a sequential basis, while a single digit is anticipated on the growth.

Subsequently, it also sees growth of single digits in its non-driver products for the third quarter.


Himax Earnings Doubles  

Himax Technologies Inc. issued earnings beat by 9.1% on a YoY basis, exceeding analysts’ forecast.

Its net income posted $19.8 million or 11.5 cents per ADS, suggesting a 124 percent YoY and 51.2 percent quarter-over-quarter growth. The company’s EPS topped its own guidance as well as the analysts’ expected $0.10 gain.        

President and CEO Jordan Wu commented, "We are very encouraged to experience the continuous growth in both our driver and non-driver business segments as we have started to benefit from new business opportunities not enjoyed by many of our competitors."

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