IBM of Armonk, NY, works with technology development and is considered as a consulting giant as well as a patenting powerhouse, which is frequently featured in a series show on IPWatchdog.

Subsequently, it plays a major role in the big data sector, including the big data market share report, which just started. It is formed by business technology practitioner community Wikibon.

The corporation shows about 9.3 percent or more than $2.1 billion of the total big data market, followed by the second placer SAP SE, which took account of $890 million, or 3.9 percent of the global big data market last year.    

Ginni Rometty, the IBM CEO perceives that both cognitive computing as well as machine learning involves solid ties to big data, and a potential market growth is seen over the next decade by about $2 trillion.


Furthermore, cloud computing has been regarded as a valuable sector for the corporation throughout the years, considering its offers were expanded recently relative to this field through the acquisition of a developer of customer relationship management software services, Britain-based Optevia.

Xilinx, Inc., a supplier of programmable logic devices aims on accelerating infrastructure development, including software and middleware for data center applications. Later in March, IBM made ties with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to go after the development of the supercomputing platform for further learning inference made to replicate the human’s brain neural network.

Moreover, the corporation is getting more engaged in the blockchain sector of digital currencies, as well as the “shadowchain” techniques into its own division in global financing.

IBM’s Greatest Patents


IBM has earned the greatest number of patents from the U.S. Patent, including the Trademark Office of any other rival by a fairly wide margin in 23 consecutive years. In 2015, the company took U.S. patents about 7,355, compared to the second placer patenting Samsung Electronics Co., which took about which earned 5,072 U.S. patents.

However, the total patent of the tech giant in the year 2015, suggest a lower result compared to its prior year result, when it has earned U.S. patents worth 7,481.

This year is a good start for IBM as it made its way to a remarkable patent pace. Based on the analytical tools used by Innography, amid the first three months of the year, the tech giant has already earned U.S. patents amounting to 1,927.

Based on the data, the patent activities of IBM were mainly focused on computing devices, including data sets, computing environment, storage devices and data structures.  

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