Imax Corporation stock posted higher by 7.28% in the last 12 weeks, in which the price remained positive and sustained the 11.24% rally. The stock stood at 2.06% during its 52-week period.

Relative price strength is an indicator used by wealth management firms to compare the stock performance with the overall market. Hence, the company posted a value of 1.88, compared to overall market, which suggests a positive level.            

Meanwhile, the stock’s 52-week low posted $26.48, while its one-year high stood at $35.3. Share price declined 6.94% upon hitting its one-year high price and is down by $-2.45 since then.  

The stock’s 20-day moving average recorded 2.71%, while its 50-day moving average stood at 2.98%. Additionally, the 200-day simple moving average hit as high as 6.41%, which rose 2% in the past week and advanced 1.38% in the last four weeks.

The theatre company has outperformed the S&P 500 by about 2.45% last week, but underperformed the index by 1.04% in the last four weeks.  


Shares of Imax Corporation remained under pressure with a heightened volatility during the course of the session on Friday, which sent the share price to swing. The stock changed hands at $32.85, which  settled at $33.5 during the opening bell and ended the session at $33.15.      

The total shares traded volume hit 1,088,216 during a heightened market volatility. The 52-week high of the share price stood at $35.3, with a market capitalization of $2,198 million, while the 52-week low recorded $26.48.  

Analysts’ Recommendation

The chart below illustrates Imax Corporation stock’s movement after seeing gains of 2% during the recent sessions. The stock is currently trading at $33.29 in a light trading volume, near support 33.25.

Hence, given a consolidating path on the company’s stock, the RSI suggests that the stock overbought level hasn’t been reached. Thus, it could signal the stock to further rally unless the price wouldn’t position below its current support level.



As Imax Corporation’s stock is currently in a consolidating path, it is best advised that investors should hold their positions until the price hit below its nearest support level. The stock has recently been witnessing a heightened market volatility.

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