One of the biggest chipmakers in the world has been under deep scrutinizing in the community as a massive design flaw causes major slowdowns on their previous generations of chips. One of the top security researchers in the world released a note regarding the design flaw and some security flaws as well that previous generation Intel chips have.

According to reports, the chips that were made from the last decade are most likely to have the “serious design flaw”; this means that millions of millions of chips from different countries around the world are vulnerable of cyber-attacks.

The UK’s National Cypher Security Center or the NCSC unveiled the design faults, which is a major PR nightmare for Intel, and are looking to develop patches and some software to apprehend the potential cyber-attacks.


Design Flaw Information

Researchers from various sources recently unveiled the threat the almost a decade-long of Intel chips are carrying; the faulty design leaves the users vulnerable to massive cyber-attacks and hacking. The reports also revealed that the compromises from the designs are also pushing the chips’ performance to abysmal rate and are also gradually slowing down the performance in the long run.

Piling up the PR nightmare of Intel, the reports also revealed that both computer and mobile chips are affected and are highly at risk of cyber-attacks and massive slowdowns. The tech giant initial statements were flushed and they were silent for the fir initial hours, leaving investors and shares at a conundrum.

CEO’s Note

According to Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich, “Phones, PCs, everything are going to have some impact, but it’ll vary from product to product,” One thing that the researchers pointed is the “Meltdown” the major deficiency in the design allows hackers to bypass hardware barriers between applications giving the hackers an avenue to steal the computer’s passwords.

He also noted that, "But when you take a look at the difficulty it is to actually go and execute this exploit — you have to get access to the systems, and then access to the memory and operating system — we're fairly confident, given the checks we've done, that we haven't been able to identify an exploit yet."


Krzanich Selling Intel Stakes

Multiple reports have also pointed that Intel’s CEO has been selling off a major slab of his stakes before the “design flaw” was discovered. Looking at a recent SEC filing dated November of 2017, Krzanich sold a massive 644,000 of his shares and following it up with another 245,700 shares through exercising his options. Currently, the CEO owns a total of 250,000 worth of stakes from Intel and this is considered to be the minimum.

According to reports, Krzanich managed to cash in a whopping $39 million on the shares sales, netting a massive $25 million after services and regulations. This is a massive

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