Intel has hit the headlines again not because of its new generation of processors but with another longtime executive announcement of retirement for his ‘new chapter’. Former CEO Candidate and current head of manufacturing, operations, and sales Mr. Stacy Smith have announced that he’ll be leaving the chipmaker next year according to the company.

Smith has been with Intel for almost 30-years and he’s been a well-known individual and has been a veteran in the company and has been overlooking the company’s sales, manufacturing, and operations since it was launched last April this year.


More Information on Smith’s Retirement

Stacy Smith has been most famous for being the CFO for the company for a good nine years before taking the position he has last April; he has been present since the company’s financial crisis last 2007 and 2008. For his previous works, Smith was designated as the head of sales for Intel’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions.

On a note reported by Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, "Stacy helped guide Intel through the great recession as CFO and has been instrumental in helping to transform Intel from PC to data-centric. For me personally, Stacy has been an incredibly valued colleague, and I will miss him." And “I want to thank Stacy for his leadership and his many outstanding contributions to Intel’s success,”


Intel’s year so Far

This retirement will hurt Intel in one way or another, currently, the company has been struggling to keep their pace up as their shares price decreases to a total of 4% this year. Some of the top executive the Intel had left the job and pursued another career in the chip making the market as well. It has been reported that CEO Krzanich has offered a bonus for Smith to stay.

On the other hand, the company’s closest rival, Advanced Micro Devices or AMD has been surging and topping charts with its recent Vega launch and its Ryzen line-up dominating the current budget market and even the high-end market with its Threadrippers.

AMD’s stock price this year has been on a bullish run since the Ryzen and Vega launch; all-in-all the company is sitting at a 7% increase, unlike Intel who sluggishly paces 2017. Meanwhile, another prominent graphic card chip maker, Nvidia, is also looking to be in a great spot this year with a total of 52% increase in stock price this year with the booming popularity of its new GTX 10 series.

Intel’s 8th Gen Processors

Intel has been a debacle this year, especially with the recent Ryzen domination in the market. One silver lining they can lean to is with its eight generation of processors which are quietly gaining more and more attention this year since their teaser.  One of the latest announcements they made regarding the next generation of processors is an introduction to its new mobile processors.

They introduced a new line of processors which success the popular Kaby Lake lineup they have last year; the market can expect two new Core i7 and Core i5 processors. Rumors are saying that the architecture will be similar to the Kaby Lake models but the new processors will be packing something new. The company said that we can expect a 40% more increase in performance in system tests in comparison to the current 7thgen arsenal.

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