The second biggest and Japan’s number two airlines recently announced that an investment plan with the startup company Boom Supersonic. According to reports, the airline is looking to invest a total of $10 million in the company as a help in introducing and producing supersonic passenger aircrafts.

Japan Airlines or JAL is looking to expand and create a new development for the future of their company and their passenger planes. The Denver-based startup company has been doing a great job on introducing and creating supersonic passenger airplane, and they are looking to provide the travel market better and efficient tickets that are affordable.

According to the startup company, their supersonic passenger jet is looking to be faster, quieter, and far more affordable than of the Concorde that are dominating the skies this time. JAL is looking to contribute to what Boom is planning with their strategic investment.


JAL, Boom Agreement

JAL’s $10 million investment will help Boom Technologies in pursuing the development of the supersonic passenger jets, but other than that, the investment will also help Boom with the aircraft design which will be passenger experience centric design.

According to reports, the Denver-based startup is looking to develop a 55-seat plane that will be fast enough to halve the travel time to New-York from London, totaling a total of three hours and fifteen minutes.

The agreement will also give JAL the first options to buy a total of 20 aircraft that Boom will create after they become commercially available. Reports revealed that the current queue for Boom’s supersonic passenger aircrafts is at 76 in total; these orders are apparently from five more global airlines that have funded Boom’s development.

Reports revealed that the preorders were from top companies such as General Electric Co, Honeywell International Inc., and even from the Netherlands-based company TenCate Advanced Composites.


Boom’s Jetliner Information

According to the company, their developed jetliners are looking to take the sky at 2020; the aircrafts’ expected speed is at Mach 2.2, a massive 10% increase on the fastest available passenger plane from Concorde. The aircrafts are also expected to be 30 times quieter than of Concorde’s; the company is has also estimated that the fares for their aircrafts are going to be marginally lower as well.

Currently, Boom Technologies is receiving some massive backing from capital firms such as; 8VC, RRE, Lightbank, Y Combinator, Caffeinated Capital. The company is also supported by investors such as Sam Altman, Paul Graham, and Greg McAdoo.

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