Shares in Japan edge higher after the market close on Friday, fueled by soaring shares in the sectors of Manufacturing, Communication and Chemical, Petroleum & Plastic.

Japan’s Nikkei 225 climbed by about 0.54% in late trade.

Meanwhile, Nikkei 225 best performers in the course of the session were Tokuyama Corp, which added 8.02% or 21.0 points to changed hands at 283.0 at the close. Unitika, Ltd. jumped 6.78% or 4.0 points to settle at 63.0, while Alps Electric Co., Ltd. has seen an increase of 5.87% or 115.0 points to end at 2073.0.  

Among the worst performers of the session were Pioneer Corp., which lost about 4.98% or 12.0 points to changed hands at 229.0 in late trade. NSK Ltd. dropped 3.65% or 36.0 points to settle at 951.0, while The Japan Steel Works, Ltd. witnessed losses of 2.97% or 14.0 points to end at 458.0.

On the Tokyo Stock Exchange, soaring stocks have outnumbered dropping ones, citing records of 1360 to 501 and 142 remained unchanged.


Subsequently, Tokuyama Corp. shares rallied to 52-week highs, which added 8.02% or 21.0 to settle at 283.0.

The Nikkei Volatility, which gauges Nikkei 225 implied volatility options, declined by about 2.06% to end at 26.18.

Crude oil delivery for July climbed 0.51% or 0.25 to settle at $48.92 per barrel. In commodities trading, Brent oil delivery for July, rallied 0.41% or 0.20 to end at $49.01 per barrel, while the Gold contract for June has witnessed an increase of 0.01% or 0.15 to changed hands at $1254.95 a troy ounce.

USD/JPY rose 0.21% to 110.19, while EUR/JPY added 0.32% to settle at 123.59.

The U.S. Dollar Index lost about 0.03% at 95.27.

Shares in Taiwan


Amid the course of Friday’s session, shares of Taiwan rallied, fueled by higher shares in the sectors of Rubber, Auto, and Cement.

The Taiwan Weighted soared 0.44% after the market close.

Meanwhile, Taiwan Weighted’s best performers of the session were Hsin Kao Gas, which added by about 6.66% or 2.10 points to change hands at 33.65 in late trade. Kinsus climbed 6.41% or 4.10 points to settle at 68.10 and Grand Ocean has witnessed a jump of 5.63% or 1.20 points to end at 22.50 at the close.

Among the worst performers of the session were Everlight, which lost 3.03% or 1.40 points to change hands at 44.85 in late trade. Wowprime plunged 3.00% or 3.50 points to settle at 113.00 and Ene has witnessed a decline of 2.90% or 0.45 points to 15.05 at the close.

On the Taiwan Stock Exchange, increasing stocks have outnumbered decreasing ones in a range between 476 to 246 and 128 remained unchanged. 

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