In a recent announcement, Air Berlin of Germany told reports that it is now currently in talks to a potential collaboration with JetBlue in which aimed to enhance its customer options of transfer in the United States of America.

Chief Commercial Officer of Air Berlin Goetz Ahmelmann told reports that the agreement is "only the beginning" of the collaboration of both companies. Ahmelmann added that “"we are working to extend our partnership in the coming months." Also, Air Berlin added that the collaboration will comprise the airlines' regular flyer packages in the forthcoming periods.

To add, Air Berlin also mentioned that this will be a benefit for its client’s center on network transmission at New York's John F. Kennedy airport- JetBlue's hub.

Over the past years, Air Berlin has faced problems that the company decided to not apply for a German government loan assurances just right after developing its restructuring efforts in which was deemed to be effective and helpful for the company.

Q2 Results

 JetBlue Airways recently announced its earnings results for the second quarter in which had a 16.6% profit, supported by recent move lifiting its average fares prices.

Net Income for the second quarter increased by 64 cents for each share to $211 million – a vast improvement from last year’s result of $181 million to 53 cents per share. The total operating revenue surged 12.1% to $1.84 billion.

Shares for the current quarter were seen 3% higher for the quarter in premarket trading sessions.

The comparison between sales to flight capacity, the Unit Revenue, soared by 7% in the second quarter which believed to be a first time in eight quarters past.

"Our second quarter unit revenue exceeded our initial guidance as a result of our targeted revenue initiatives and a solid demand environment," Chief Executive Officer of Jet Blue, Robin Hayes, stated in a statement.

In the recent quarter, JetBlue announced that the operating expenses for each available seat which does not count the fuel sector climbed by 5.1% to 8.16 cents. For the next quarter, JetBlue set an expectation result between 1.5 to 3.5 percent.

For the capacity in the coming quarter, JetBlue estimated a result of 6.5 to 7.5% increase from last year’s results.

Trading Performance


JetBlue Airways has been able to maintain its upsurge in its recent trades. At the time of writing, the airline giant added 0.23% in which last recorded at 22.43.

For its relative strength index, JetBlue continued to climb beyond the 40’s region and is close to reaching the 50’s region soon. Specifically, it is at 47.23.

Lastly, the Coppock Curve has not been mirroring the same performance as the RSI Indicator until the last session in which had shown signs of potential uptrend. So far, it is struggling to go up beyond -10.35 which a negative region and would recommend a better sell but with the news above, a hold on sell would be much preferred.

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