Monday, the New Zealand Dollar was seen trading along with the US Dollar at US71c. This was believed to be a five-month low as it was a drop after all.

Such decline arrived once the count of special vote last weekend made the election excessively close to call as other geopolitical tensions added such as the discussions of the North Korean missile test which weighed on the greenback.

In Wellington, The kiwi performed at the value of US70.75c which was last seen from 70.92c in New York last Friday.

As mentioned, the Kiwi Dollar plunged once the market started trades after the reports of the Labour and the Greens both took one seat from National which has left the NZ First Party as king/queen maker.

Winston Peters, Leader of the NZ First told reports that the foreign proprietorship rules were on the program for creating the subsequent government. Peters also set Thursday as a closing date for coalition consultations.

"It's still a bit of a line-ball call” Head of institutional foreign exchange sales at ASB Bank," Tim Kelleher, told reports.

Once NZ First works with the Labour/Greens "I would've thought we might get a knee-jerk selloff in the kiwi" and it could speedily decline underneath the 70c region.

If NZ First aligns with Labour/Greens "I would've thought we might get a knee-jerk selloff in the kiwi" and it could quickly slip below 70c.

The US Greenback soared last Friday as the US Payroll data revealed that the economy unpredictably discarded 33,000 employments in the preceding month. This has been one of the results of the recent hurricane commotions, granting wage inflation soared and the jobless rate declined.

Nonetheless, the US Dollar plunged once more as North Korea prepares for another missile test which has the potential to hit the US West Coast.

Trading Performance


The New Zealand Dollar against the US Dollar did fall in its recent trades. However, at the time of writing: it seems like that the pair had gathered bulls instead of bears. It is still unclear if such performance is a sign of recovery or not but with the news above, it is unlikely.

The Relative Strength Index of the pair also indicated a drop. It is close to being marked as oversold. It was last seen at 33.20.

Lastly, the Coppock Curve performed deeply at the negative region which would recommend a sell position for the pair. It was last seen at -4.01.

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