The New Zealand Dollar has officially continued to astound its adversaries with its current resurgence increase, motivated by the developing New Zealand Economy and giving the Kiwi a new motivation to go further up.

The Kiwi exchange has successfully upturned from a period of deficit, a counter to its ten chief contenders to be the third-best running currency of the month-to-date.

It is the best-performing currency of the week thanks to a broadly supportive global financial environment combined with positive developments at home.

Impact of Milk Forecasts

The New Zealand dairy cooperative, Fonterra has elevated its concluding milk disbursement for this period by 15 cents to $6.15 a kilogram of milk solids and augmented its estimate for the forthcoming period to $6.50. - A respectable newscast for the New Zealand economy as milk goods establishes New Zealand’s key trades and better export earning latent results to a sturdier exchange.

For the time being, the updated trade data from New Zealand shows improvement as its exports raised 9.8% year-on-year - the highest level since 2015’s March.

The annual trade deficit reduced to $3.5 billion in April from $3.7 billion in March thanks to the country posting a surplus of 578M.


This was largely on the back of higher dairy prices and analysts are saying these dynamics should limit the downside in the New Zealand Dollar.

 “Today’s milk price announcements by Fonterra were a further reminder that the commodity sector is now providing tailwinds to the economy, after cross-winds last year,” Economist Craig Ebert, told reports. “It shows a degree of confidence” Ebert added.

This fixed initial estimate of $6.50 states that the international dairy prices remaining will be quite firm through the season.

According to sources, they predict that the price could be at $6 for the later periods of 2017 and the coming year with positive risks included.

“But by the reaction of the NZ currency to this morning’s trade data, and Fonterra’s announcements, this good news was well anticipated, already largely priced in,” Ebert adds.

Exchange Performances

The Pound to New Zealand Dollar exchange rate plunged lower and is ultimately estimated at 1.8444 and as for its UD Dollar pair up’s rate is estimated at 0.7034.

“NZD has gone from zero to hero in the space of two trading days as increasingly bullish expectations for the upcoming Budget and Fonterra dairy payout forecasts come to the fore, prompting short covering from systematic accounts,” Analyst Sue Trinh stated on reports.


People might think that the expected forecasts are too positive or rather too conservative for the Kiwi and New Zealand Economy. In the end, what should matter is NZ’s export on international dairy prices which must be traced over the coming periods.

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