The international financial service provider Wells Fargo recently disclosed its quarterly profit report and the results were upsetting. The weaker mortgage and banking fees coupled with the higher costs are also some of the reason the banks dips an estimated 0.6% in the quarter. Investors are selling a massive amount of Wells Fargo stocks as an answer.

Wells Fargo is considered as the third largest bank and financial institutions that stand in the United States by bank assets, the quarter report showed that it fell a massive amount at $5.06 billion, or $1.00 per share in the quarter that ended on March 31, a substantial loss from last year’s $5.09 billion or a total of 99 cents per share.


Beating Earnings Estimates, Losing Revenue Forecasts

The bank did surpass the $0.97 share forecasts that analysts predicted, gathering as much as $1 per share but it fails to surpass the set forecast for its revenue at $22.3 billion for the quarter. Wells Fargo missed it by a hairline, bagging revenue of a flat $22.0 billion. The lawsuits and debacle really bit the institution where it hurts.

CFO John Shwesberry said in a press release that the primary problems they encountered over the first quarter are the improved load quality and the lower tax bill. "Expenses were elevated compared with last quarter, driven by typically-higher first quarter personnel-related expenses," Shewsberry said. "Credit results improved, with lower net charge-offs and nonaccrual loans, and we benefited from lower income tax expense."


Consumer Loan Down For Wells Fargo

The consumer loan is an imminent threat for Wells Fargo, it declined by a whopping $5.7 billion in the same quarter last year, while the commercial and industrial loans lose an estimated amount of $1.6 billion compared to the previous quarter.

 A silver lining the financial service provider can get out of the quarter is the fact that the business loans were marginally high in comparison to last years. The tense credit standards also pushed some loss for the bank; they reported an incredible drop in March’s credit.

"Period-end loan balances were $958.4 billion at March 31, 2017, down $9.2 billion from December 31, 2016, driven by a decline in credit card balances due to seasonality, a slowdown in new credit card account openings, and a continued decline in junior lien mortgage loans," said the bank's release. "In addition, there was an expected decline in auto loans from the fourth quarter as continued proactive steps to tighten underwriting standards resulted in lower origination volume."


Buffet Drops Wells Stocks

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway announced that it will be selling as much as 9 million worth of shares from Wells Fargo in unison of the bank’s disappointing quarter report. The massive amount of shares that are being let go may sound ridiculously a lot, but the sale covers just 2% of total shares the Berkshire own, it currently owns a whopping amount of 491 million shares.

Berkshire noted that it is selling the stocks not because of the missed forecasts or the fraudulent accounts scandal, but because of the new Federal Reserve regulation. The conglomerate looks to keep less that 10% of Wells Fargo’s shares to avoid future problems on the up and coming fed regulations.

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